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Defining a summary about the Journal of Education and science         The University of Mosul is the formal owner of the Journal of Education and Science (EDUSJ). The articles are published quarterly in the EDUSJ. The first volume of the journal was published in 1979 including papers on both pure sciences and human sciences. Then in 1987, the journal started to publish papers in two independent volumes: one for pure sciences and the other one was for human sciences. The journal stopped being published from 1981 to 1987 during the first gulf war. The journal is well-known inside...
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Publisher: Mosul University

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Editor-in-chief: Prof. Dr. Asmaa Abdul Azeez Ali

Print ISSN: 1812-125X

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Spectrophotometric Determination of 1- Naphthylamine by Diazotization and Coupling with 8-Hydroxyquinoline

Israa Ass’ad Jarjees; Sameer A.Rahim Sa’eed

JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, 2020, Volume 29, Issue 1, Pages 1-14
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2020.164359

A spectrophotometric method for the assay of micro amount of 1- naphthylamine (1-NPA) has been suggested .The method based on the reaction with nitrite ion to form the corresponding diazonium salt followed by coupling reaction in a alkali medium of sodium hydroxide with 8- hydroxyquaniline to form stable and a soluble orange azo dye. The intensity of absorbance for the resulting orange azo dye is measured at 492.5 nm and. Beer’s law is obeyed in the concentration range of 2.5– 125 g of 1-NPA in a final volume of 25 ml, with a molar absorptivity of 2.505 104
L.mol-1.cm-1, a relative error of 0.16 to + 0.65 % and a relative standard deviation of  0.37 to 0.98 %, depending on the concentration level of 1-NPA .The method has been successfully applied for the assay of 1-NPA in river water.

Air Blowing Oxidation Process for Improving of Rheological Properties of Sulfur Treated Asphalt

Wijdan Mohammed Saleh

JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, 2020, Volume 29, Issue 1, Pages 15-21
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2020.164360

There is a growing need for the production of a certain types of asphaltic materials having a good rheological properties compared with the non-modified a asphaltic materials can be using as a paving materials.
In this research Rheological properties of Beije asphalt modified using oxidation process in the present of Sulphur and chlorides of (iron and zink).
In this research we obtained asphaltic materials which can be used in paving and mastic according to the measuring of the (ductility, penetration and softening point.

New Mixed Ligands With Nickel (II) Complexes, Study of Their Physical & Spectral Properties , Antibacterial Activities and Laser Irradiation

Zuhoor Fathi Dawood; Alaa Jassim Mhommed

JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, 2020, Volume 29, Issue 1, Pages 22-42
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2020.164361

Preparation of two ligands acetonesemicarbazone (AScH) and 2,4-dioximepentane (DOXPH2) using three ways {includes reflux method, heating using microwave rays technique and ultrasonic technique}, and characterized using physical and spectral techniques. Followed by the preparation of new Ni(II) complexes containing mixed of three ligands {including (AScH), (DOXPH2) and 2-ethoxy-ethanol (EtO2H). The complexes have been characterized using quantitative, physical and spectral techniques. The electrical conductivity indicate that the complexes prepared in slightly neutral medium (pH=6-7) are electrolytes (1:2), meanwhile the complexes prepared in alkaline medium are non- electrolytes. All the ligands above acts as bidentate chelating ligands., and octahedral geometries of the complexes are resulted.
The effect of laser have been studied on solid ligands and complexes, no effects have been observed on all the compounds through the results of melting or decomposition point, conductivity and electronic spectra, this means that all the compounds are stable and are not affected by this kind of radiation. Also the biological activity of all the prepared compounds have been evaluated against pathogenic bacterial strains (Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus species and E. coli), all the compounds were found to have no antibacterial activity .

Synthesis Some of New Substituted 1,3,4-Thiadiazole and 1,2,4-Triazole

Tamara talal alsafar; amal Nafe Ali

JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, 2020, Volume 29, Issue 1, Pages 43-59
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2019.125949.1008

The aim of this paper, the synthesis of new series of substituted 1,3,4-thaidiazole and 1,2,4-triazol from reaction of the carboxylic acid (2-naphthoic acid,4-methyl benzoic acid) with absolute ethanol in the presence of concentrated sulfuric acid to give esters. the above synthesis ester were converted to acid hydrazide by their reaction with hydrazine hydrate in ethanol, which then reacted with ammonium thiocyanate and hydrochloric acid in ethanol or with phenylisothiocyanate in absolute ethanol to give substituted thiosemicarbazides compounds. the substituted thiosemicarbazides then uses to synthesis of many hyterocyclic compounds like substituted 1,3,4-thiadiazole and 1,2,4-triazole by its reaction with concentrated sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide respectively. the substituted thiosemicarbazides then cyclization to substituted 3,4-diamine-1,2,4-triazole when treated with hydrazine hydrate. And finally the N- acetyl-N-substituted hydrazide compounds synthesis by treated hydrazide with acetyl chloride in anhydrous tetrahydrofuran which then cyclized to 2-methyl substituted-1,2,4-thiadiazole by their reaction with diphosphorus pentoxide in xylene. The structure of the synthesized compounds were confirmed By physcical & spectroscopic techniques infrared (IR) and (1H-NMR) data.

Spectrophotometric determination of Aspirin and Pyridoxine Hydrochloride using 9- Chloroacridin reagent in aqueous solution

Intisar Adil Shehab; Theiaa Al-Sabha

JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, 2020, Volume 29, Issue 1, Pages 60-74
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2019.125898.1003

This research paper tackles a developed method for Aspirin and Pyridoxine drugs determination in their pure forms and pharmaceutical formulations. It is based on the formation of nucleophilic substitution reaction between given drugs and 9-Chloroacridine forming a reddish orange colours. The products show maximum absorption at 532 nm and 534 nm for Aspirin and Pyridoxine respectively. The method was adhering to the Beer's law over concentration range 0.2-18 and 0.4-24 µg/ml with molar absorptivity values 1.1×104 and 7×103 l. mol-1. cm-1 and average recovery 99.87% and 100.00 % for the given drugs respectively. No observed interferences appeared from the excipients commonly existed in pharmaceuticals. Successfully, application for both Aspirin and Pyridoxine was conducted in their pharmaceutical formulations. The continuous variations and the slope ratio of the products between Aspirin and pyridoxine hydrochloride were followed with 9-chloroacridine. The ratio of 1: 1 was obtained between the above two drugs and the reagent The stability constant of the products was 6.38 x 104 and 9.25 × 104 l / mol for both Aspirin and Pyridoxine Hydrochloride products respectively indicating the good stability of these products.

ـ Effect of Aqueous and Alcoholic Extract of Eucalyptus Camaldulensis Dehn Leaves on Growth of Fungal Root Rot of Pinus Brutia Ten In Vitro

Anwer Noori Mohammed Al-Khero; Muhannad Hamid Younis Al-Obaidy

JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, 2020, Volume 29, Issue 1, Pages 75-92
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2020.164364

Root Rot disease is one of important disease which caused great damage for Pinus brutia and was very clear  the field Survey of Mosul nurseries,3 nurseris in AL-Faisalih location, 3 nurseris in Muthanna, 1 nurseris in AL-Mohandiseen location and Nineveh Horticulture station, this was through October and December of  2017 and February , April , June and August of 2018.fungi were recorded like Fusarium solani  Mart Insulalation  ratia 27.80% ,Macrophomina phaseolina Tassi Goid Insulalation  ratia 18.76% and Rhzoctonia solani Khun Insulalation  ratia 16.48% which Isolated from Pinus brutia Seedling .Pathogenicity tests Results showed Fusarium poae was had high pathogenicity 87.5% Pinus brutia  seedling and the fungus was very effective at growth characteristics.   
The study of Eucalyptus camaldulnsis  leaves Extracts effect at the growth of  Isolated fungi growth inhibition and for all studying concentration as a compartment with aqueous extracted especially leaves Alcoholic extracts Rhizoctonia solani was morally effect by aqueous leaves extracted.                                                                                    

Combining Ability Analysis , Estimation of Heterosis and Some Genetic Parameters Using Half Diallel Cross in Bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Mohammed H. Ayoob

JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, 2020, Volume 29, Issue 1, Pages 93-106
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2020.164365

Five varieties of bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Tamuz-3 Adnaniya, Abu-Greebe-3, IPA-99 and Sham-6 and their half diallel crosses were used to study general and specific combining ability for plant height, number of tillers per plant, number of spikes per plant, spike length , number of grains per spike, 100 grains weight and grain yield per plant. The result of the analysis of variance showed that the mean square of genotypes, (GCA) and (SCA) were highly significant for all studied characters. The ratio between the component variance of (GCA) and the component of variance (SCA) was less than one for all studied characters except for plant height which was more than one this indicate the importance of additive and dominance gene effects for all characters, but the dominance gene effects is more important for determining these characters. The largest and positive value for (GCA) effect was in the following parental varieties : Abu- Ghreeb-3 for plant height and number of grains per spike, IPA-99 for number of tillers and number of spikes per plant, Adnaniya for spike length and 100 grains weight and grain yield per plant. The (SCA) effects value in some hyprids was positive with desirable direction, but other hyprids showed negative with undesirable direction  for all studied characters therefor heterosis can be utilized for improve these characters. The hyprids (1x3), (1x4), (2x3),(2x4),(2x5),(4x5) revealed desirable and high significant heterosis for all studied characters. The broad sense heritability were high for all studied, however the narrowsense heritability were high for plant height and medium to remained characters. There were over dominance for all characters except partial dominance for plant height.

The Inhibitory Effect of Some Medical Plants Extracts In The Fungus Aspergillus fumigatus

Shifaa T. Jaafer; Abdulkarim Al-Nuaymi; Saleh E. Mohammed

JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, 2020, Volume 29, Issue 1, Pages 107-120
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2020.164366

Study the inhibitory effect of aqueous and alcoholic extract of four medical plants: Mentha longifolia, Mentha spicata, Cyperus  rotundus and Nigella sativa (black cumin) against some human pathogenic fungi isolated from different clinical cases, showed that (4) from 14 cases gave positive effect on Aspergillus fumigatus bythe frequency 16.67%
  Studying the inhibitory effect of aqueous extract against the isolated fungi, showed that aqueous extract of black sead at conc. 30 mg/ml was the best one, which inhibited the growth of A. fumigatus by 87.5%.
     Alcoholic extracts of black cumin (10 mg/ml), spearmint (15 mg/ml)and horsemint (30 mg/ml) were more effective against A. fumigatus, and inhibited the growth of A.fumigatus completely. Testing some chemical antifungals against the isolated fungus showed that ketoconazole at concentration (3.5 , 3.0 , 2.5 mg/ml) inhibited the growth by the ratio of 100%, 93.0% and 90. 0 % respectively.

Comparison of Methods for Detection of Chlamydia trachomatis in Cervical from Women in Mosul City

Modruka M.H. Al-Jammally; Hiyam A. I. Al-Taii

JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, 2020, Volume 29, Issue 1, Pages 121-134
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2020.164367

The study included detection of Chlamydia trachomatis in the cervix of symptomatic and a symptomatic woman.
A total of (60) woman aged between (16-<45) years were diagnosed by the consultant of the general hospital in Mosul city during the period May until the end of December 2013.
Three  endocervical  swabs were collected from each woman. One of the three swabs was stained with Giemsa stain for direct examination by light microscope, and the other swabs was put in 0.2M sucrose phosphates transport media then inoculated in yolk Sac of embryonated chicken eggs, and the last endocervical swabs was used for detection of chlamydia by using rapid immunochromatographic card test . From each woman participated in this study 5 ml of venous blood was collected to detect the immunoglobulin (IgG) by ELISA and indirect microimmuno flourescence test.
The result showed that C.trachomatis was presented in percentage (35%) by Indirect microimmunoflourescence test (30%) by ELISA (25%) by culturing (21.6) by Giemsa stain, , (5%) by rapid test  in symptomatic and asymptomatic women.
 This result showd that Indirect MicroimmunoaFlourecence is more specific to detect  Chlamydia than other test while the rapid test was of no value in detection of chlamydia in endocervical swabs
Also the result showed that the percentage of Chlamydia in a asymptomatic woman such as  infertility and abortion  had high percentage than symptomatic woman  such as vaginal discharge, abdominal pain' and ectopic pregnancy . Also the result showed that the isolation rate in age group (21-30) years was the more dominate than other age group.

Qualitative assessment of water of the Al-Khazer river between Mosul and Erbil city

Eman Sami Y. Al-Sarraj

JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, 2020, Volume 29, Issue 1, Pages 135-148
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2020.164368

This paper discusses the results of a study carried out from the period of December 2017 to April 2018, on assessing water quality of Al-Khazer river between Mosul and Erbil City. Al-Khazer river is considered as one of the tributaries of Al-Zab river that flow into the Tigris river. Three locations were chosen in order to evaluate its suitability, as resources of raw water, for human, industrial and agricultural uses. The spectral methods have been used to assign some of the physiochemical parameters, which include Water temperature, Turbidity, Electrical conductivity, pH, Dissolved oxygen, Total hardness, Chloride, Sulfate, Nitrate and Orthophosphate. Results showed that all  values were within permissible limits and the water of Al-Khazer river were hardened water and suitable for drinking, irrigation, swimming as well as different uses for agriculture and industry.

Effect of Aromatase Inhibitor ,Sage And Flaxseed on Spermatogenesis In Rat

Heba mohammed jasem; Fadwa khalid tawfeek

JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, 2020, Volume 29, Issue 1, Pages 149-162
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2020.164369

The study was designed to investigate estrogen effect on testis, accessory sex glands  and sex hormones in male rats from weaning age at 21 days by using aromatase inhibitor letrozole ( 1 mg ̷ kg b. w. ) orally till 90 days of age and investigate Phytoestrogens effect ( sage extract Salvia Officinalis ) (1000 mg ̷ kg b.w.) orally and flaxseed (25 gm ̷ 100 gm diet ) with diet till 90 days of age . Study groups include : Group one control. Group two treated with letrozole and caused a significant decrease in body and testis weights, sperm number (zero sperms), serum estrogen hormone and luteinizing hormone concentration, and significant increase in serum follicule stimulating hormone concentration. Group three treated with flaxseed and caused significant decrease in body and prostate weight, live sperm percentage, sperms number and significant increase in the dead sperm percentage and serum lutinizing hormone concentration. Group four treated with sage extract and caused significant decrease in the body and prostate weight, sperms number. Group five Treated with letrozole and flaxseed caused significant decrease in seminal vesicle weight, serum testosterone and follicular stimulating hormone concentration and significant increase in the sperms number, live sperm percentage. Sixth group treated with letrozole and sage extract and caused significant increase in sperms number and life sperm percentage, serum estrogen hormone concentration and significant decrease in serum testosterone hormone concentration. It was concluded that inhibition and reduction of estrogen hormone concentration in male rats by treatment with aromatase inhibitor letrozole produced negative effects by decreasing the body and testes weight, live sperm percentage, sperms count, concentration of estrogen hormone while administration of flaxseed and sage extract produced positive effects in reproductive efficiency through the increase in the percentage of live sperm, estrogen and luteinizing hormone concentrations and spermatogenesis in adult rats.
We concluded from the study the important role of estrogen hormone in reproductive function of male rats which cleared by the negative effects that resulted from lowering estrogen hormone level by using aromatase inhibitor letrozole and the administration of flaxseed and sage extract improved some effects produced by estrogen hormone deficiency. 

Comprehensive study of head lice infestation in Mosul primary schools (right and left side)

Khalida Abdulla Sulaiman; Aulfat Tahseen Yaseen; Zena Zakarya Edrees

JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, 2020, Volume 29, Issue 1, Pages 163-173
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2019.125926.1010

The current study of head lice Pediculus humanus capiti, was conducted in 11 primary schools for girls in different social and economic areas of the city of Mosul on its right and left sides for the period from 15 October 2018 to 15 February 2019. The present study showed that the total incidence of head lice in the 5 schools covered by the right city was 27.44% while the total injury rate in the 6 schools covered by the left city side was 11.13%, the highest percentage of girls with long hair was recorded in the first Zubaidah school on the left side and reached 75% , and Al- Bashair school in the right side where it reached 83.33%, while the highest percentage of girls with short hair in the school of Genin in the left side at 75% and on the right side Al-Sajideen and Al-Shaheed Salem schools as the proportion with short hair in which 33.5 and 33.33% respectively. As for the educational level of mothers of infected girls, the highest rate of infection for mothers of non-educated mothers in the school of Al-Jahafil on the left side of the city, reaching 100%, while the school Al-Bashair recorded 96% on the right side of the city. In addition, the percentage of casualties according to the number of family members was the highest rate of injury to families with fewer than 5 members of the school in Al-Foratain school on the left side of the city with 65%

Providing A Secure Environment For E-Commerce Sites Using SSL Technology

Maha A . Sayal

JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, 2020, Volume 29, Issue 1, Pages 174-191
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2020.164371

      The issue of security on the Internet is at the top of the interest for most users, especially those who want to buy online and therefore find a large majority of users, especially new ones refrain from buying online and are afraid to go into such an experiment to complete the image and know more safety in the use of credit cards for some websites.
     In order to increase confidence in online business transactions, we have proposed a safe environment for commercial sites by installing a private server and then submitting on certificate authority for digital certificates and obtaining Secure Socket Layer SSL technology, certificate it, and adding it to the server as well as hosting sites to secure its data and renew the certificate at expiration. This allows the business website owner to host that website on the secure server so the customer information and data will be protected.

Approximate Bayesian estimation for parameters of simple linear bivariate truncated t regression model

Elham Abdulkreem Hussain; Haifa Abduljwaad Saied

JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, 2020, Volume 29, Issue 1, Pages 192-205
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2020.164372

In this paper , It is obtained to approximate estimation for  parameters of the two-tailed truncated  regression model by Lindely approach . The prior  non- informative  was used for the regression parameters matrix when the variance matrix is ​​known and the two truncated points are also known. Under the quadratic loss function, the estimates approximations of the regression parameters matrix around zero up to third order moments are obtained.

Indirect Spectrophotometric Determination of Nitrazepam by Charge Transfer Complex Formation Reaction Using p-Bromanil as π-Acceptor

Subhi M. Al-Mtaiwti

JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, 2020, Volume 29, Issue 1, Pages 206-217
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2020.164373

A sensitive spectrophotometric method for the determination of nitrazepam in pure as well as in dosage form is described. The method is based on the reaction of reduced nitrazepam (RNZ) with p-bromanil in the presence of borate buffer solution of pH9 to form a pink color charge transfer(CT) complex of maximum absorption at 340 nm. Under the optimized reaction conditions, Beer’s law correlating the absorbance with nitrazepam concentration was obeyed in the range of 0.8-9.6 μg ml-1. The molar absorptivity was 1.977×104 L mol1cm1. The limits of detection was 0.093μg ml-1. The accuracy and precision of the method were satisfactory; the average recovery was 102% and values of relative standard deviations better than 1.5 %. The stoichiometry of the reaction was studied, and the reaction mechanism was postulated. The proposed CT complex formation method was successfully applied to the determination of nitrazepam in its pharmaceutical tablet with good accuracy and precision. The results obtained by the proposed method are compared with those obtained by the official method.  

Synthesis of Some New Benzoxazepine Compounds Form Derivatives of Schiff Bases

Amena A. Ahmed; Ahmad Kh. Ahmad; Natiq G. Ahmed

JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, 2020, Volume 29, Issue 1, Pages 218-232
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2020.164374

This study involved synthesize (1,3) oxazepine. The  step 1 includes the preparation of compound (1), (5-Bromo-2-mercapto-6-(4-methoxyphenyl) pyrimidin-4(3H)-one), by the condensation of anisaldehyde and ethylbromoacetat and thiourea in EtOH. In the step2,  chalcones (2-6) have been produced. The reaction of compound (1) with  chalcones (2-6) that gives azo Michael adduct (7-11) is made in the third step. Schiff’s bases (12-16) were prepared by the reaction ketones (7-11) with 2,4-dinitroaniline. Finally preparation of new benzo [1,3] oxazepine compounds (17-21) are prepared by the reaction of phthalic anhydride with Schiff’s bases. The synthesized compounds are identified by physical (melting points, colour change) and spectral methods such as (IR, proton-nmr).

Preparation of Activated Carbon From ((Asphalt:Polymer)) Mixtures and Improving its Adsorption Properties by Thermal Fusion Carbonization and Microwave Technique

Emad A.S. Al-Hyali; Khalid A.O. AL-Memary; Homam T. S. AL-Sayd Toohi AL-Sayd Toohi

JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, 2020, Volume 29, Issue 1, Pages 233-241
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2020.164375

Asphalt was modified by several methods including catalyzed treatment with a number of recycled polymers aiming at changing their chemical composition in order to be suitable for producing activated carbon, which is of great importance that is due to its uses in industing and in pollution control.
     The best model in terms of asphaltene content was used in the preparation of activated carbon using excess amount of potassium hydroxide after atmospheric and vacuum distillation; complementing carbonization is then carried out. The selected activated carbon models were purified, and the activation process is finally achieved by employing microwave technique.
     The properties of the synthesized models were tested by determining the adsorption capacity of iodine and methylene blue from aqueous media, the density, ash content and humidity. It is noticed that the chemical structure of the starting material and the use of both thermal fusion  carbonization and the activation by microwave technique have great influences on the physical properties of synthesized carbon.

A High Speed Networks Applications and Requirements

Younis S. Younis

JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, 2020, Volume 29, Issue 1, Pages 242-252
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2020.164376

All areas of business and governmental organizations are currently dependent on information technology (IT) to meet business objectives of improving network service and maximizing limited resources.
In this paper the main problems that’s represented by  using the information network to transfer information such as text, image and video files, conversations or direct video lectures, periods of use that can cause bottlenecks and network downtime, in addition to the large number of users of the network and the causes of these problems.
The main objective of this paper is to find out what methods or means to overcome the problems that guide us in terms of optimal use of resources and components even if it is limited, and to determine which technologies are best  depending on the typically, quality, importance and confidentiality of the information and the periods of arrival of the information to be transferred. The information is based on the type of networks adopted if they are localized on a given building or the scope of a city or a wide range to include a country or continent and so on.

A Survey Study on Relation Extraction for Web Pages

Ghada A.K. Alsaigh; Ghayda A.A. Al-Talib; Alaa Y. Taqa

JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, 2020, Volume 29, Issue 1, Pages 253-265
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2020.164377

Natural language means a language that is used for communication by human. Natural Language Processing (NLP) helps machines to understand the natural language. The natural language for the web pages consists of many semantic relations between entities. Discovering significant types of relations from the web is challenging because of its open nature.
In this paper we survey several important types of semantic relations. This paper also covers the relation extraction (RE) approaches which are divided into: supervised approach, which contains Feature base and Kernel base, and the unsupervised approach. Three relation extraction algorithms are discussed: Support Vector Machine (SVM), Genetic algorithm and Naive Bayes classifier
This survey would be useful for three kinds of readers First the Newcomers in the field who want to quickly learn about relation extraction. Second the researchers who want to know how the various relation extraction techniques developed over time. Third the trainers who just need to know which RE technique works best in different settings

Digital Video Watermarking Methods Using DCT and SVD

Meaad M. Salih; Eman F. Ahmed; Manar A. Al-Abaji

JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, 2020, Volume 29, Issue 1, Pages 266-278
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2020.164378

   In this search, two methods were used to include the watermark in the video. The first method was based on DCT (Discrete Cosine Transform), the second method was based on an algorithm SVD (Singular Value Decomposition) for the purpose of converting video to frequency domain. The process of embedding the watermark in both methods was done after the original video was divided into a set of frames, and one frame was divided into a block of 8 x 8 and the DCT on each block when using the first method and the SVD algorithm when using the second method. And then include the Bit Binary for the watermark inside the center of the cluster. Random selection of video frames and rows of watermark images has been adopted in both ways. The performance of the two methods was assessed using the experimental tests PSNR, MSE and NC.The experimental results show that both methods have achieved a good understanding and high resistance against various attacks, adopted Matlab 2013a language.

Indirect Spectrofluorometric Determination of Enoxaparin Sodium in Pharmaceutical Formulation (Injection) by Ion Association Complex Formation with Acriflavine Dye

mohamed thamer aghwan; Elham Sadullah Al-talibi

DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2019.125843.1001

A simple, sensitive and selective spectrofluorometric method has been developed for the determination of enoxaparin sodium in bulk and dosage forms (injection). The method was based on the quantitative quenching effect of enoxaparin on the native fluorescence of acriflavine due to the formation of nonfluorescent supramolecular ion issociation complex between the studied drug and acriflavine dye in aqueous solution. The decrease of acriflavine fluorescence was observed at 506 nm after excitation at 402 nm. The relationship between quenching fluorescence intensity and concentration of enoxaparin sodium was linear in the range 0.05-20 µg/ml and with correlation coefficient 0.9990 and with LOD and LOQ 0.011 and 0.035 µg/ml respectively. The average recovery was 100.51% and RSD is less than 3.23%. The stoichiometry of enoxaparin to acriflavine was calculated a 1:4. The method was applied successfully to the determination of enoxaparin form injection samples and the results were in a good agreement with certified value and standard addition procedure.

Synthesis of New Oxazepine and Thaizolidine Compounds derived from Pyrimidine-2(2H)-one

zainab hassan sulyman; natiq ghaniem ahmed

DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2019.125908.1004

In this paper the compounds (11-20) (methyl pyrimidine - 2(1H)-one and others phenyl pyrimidine -2(1H)- one) that will prepared from α, β unsaturated carbonyl compounds they are called chalcones, that compounds prepared from reaction of different aldehyde (4-methoxy benzaldehyde, 2-nitro benzaldehyde,
3-nitrobenzaldehyde, 4-N,N—dimethyle amino benzaldehyde, benzaldehyde, 4-nitro-benzaldehyde) with different ketones (acetone, acetophenone, 2-nitro acetophenone, 3-nitro acetophenone) after prepared this compounds and purified it and mesurment for physical, chemical and spectroscopy that we can do to get chalcones that reacted with urea under known chemical conditions to get pyrimidinone compounds we needed. pyrimidine compounds were reacted with two aromatic amines (2,4-dinitro aniline and 4- amino acetophenone) using glacial acetic acid as catalyst in absolute ethanol giving a new compounds of schiff's bases (21-40). New thiazolidine 4-one (41-50) were synthesized from reactions of Schiff's bases (21-30) with thioglycolic acid in absolute ethanol. 1,3- oxazepine derivatives. (51-60) are prepared from reaction between Schiff's bases (31-40) with malic anhydrid in absolut ethanol. The structures of the Synthesized compounds were estimated by IR, 1H- NMR and some physical data.

Thermodynamic and Kinetic Study of Adsorption of Azo Dyes Derived for 4-amino Anti pyrene by Activated Carbon

Salah Hekmat

DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2019.125920.1006

A commercial activated carbon was used for the study of adsorption of two di- azo dyes from aqueous solution employing batch method. These dyes were synthesized in our laboratory from the reaction of 4-amino-antipyrene 4-AAP and β-Naphthol with p-amino phenol and p-amino benzaldehyde via diazonium ions. The effect of pH, temperature, and contact time on dye removal was investigated. The apparent thermodynamic parameters were estimated and the obtained results concluded that, the dyes adsorbed onto activated carbon are driven by entropy effect, exothermic and spontaneous processes. The kinetic study of adsorption of the considered dyes was conducted by applying four models the pseudo-first order, pseudo-second order ,Elovich and intra particules diffusion kinetic models. The results showed that, the second order equation fit better the experimental data. The intra particule diffusion model indicates that, there are more than mechanism
controlling the adsorption process.the adsorption process occurs through more than one mechanical and that the intra particule diffusion model is not the only mechanical that controls the adsorption of systems Studied.

Indirect Spectrophotometric Determination of Cefalexin monohydrate, Ceftriaxone Sodium and Cefotaxim Sodium in Pharmaceuticals Using N-Bromosuccinimde and Evans Blue Dye

mohamed thamer aghwan; Elham Sadullah Al-Talibi

DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2019.125959.1009

An indirect sensitive and selective spectrophotometric method has been developed for the determination of cephalexin monohydrate (CEM) ceftriaxone sodium (CFX) and cefotaxim sodium (CEF) in bulk and pharmaceutical formulation. The method is based on the oxidation of (CEM), (CFX) and (CEF) in hydrochloric acid medium with known excess on N-Bromosuccinimde and subsequent determination of unreacted oxidant by decolorization of Evans blue dye (EB) and measure the absorbance of residual dye at 608 nm. Calibration curves of evans blue dye in the presence of drugs were rectilinear over the ranges 1.0-9.0 , 1.0-8.0 and 1.0-9.0 µg/ml with molar absorptivity 2.75×104 , 9.28×104 and 7.81×104 l.mol-1.cm-1 and average recoveries 98.97, 102.08 and 100.08% for CEM, CFX and CEF respectively with RSD of less than 3.29%. The method was free from interference of many excipients and additives commonly found in pharmaceutical formulations. The developed method was successfully applied for determination of the studied drugs in their pharmaceutical formulation resulted in a good agreement with certified value and standard addition procedure.

Calculate and Study the Parameter Gradient Energy Coefficient of Polyethylene Glycol as a Function of Molecular Weight in conjunction with Freed Contribution

Malak Jaafar Ali; Saygin Muhamed Nuri; Shany Muhamed Rajab

DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2019.126025.1016

This work studies the gradient energy coefficient ( ) which has the main function in extracting the properties of the polymer, starting from the Simha-Somcynsky theory (SS) that describes the thermodynamic properties of both low and high molecular weights in terms of occupied site fraction (y). Cahn-Hilliard (CH) theory which clarifies the free energy profile of polymer surfaces or interfaces has been also adopted in this study. To gain accurate results, these two theories have been combined with that of Freed Bawendi, which gives the architecture structure for the polymers. Ultimately, the conjunction of these theories produces important properties of polymers such as; the molecular weight, surface tension, the gradient energy coefficient. This study has been performed in the temperature range (313 -473) K and up to about (150) Mpa of pressure according to the international condition of LaGrange for polymers. The success of our study can be clearly seen in the minimum and maximum deviations in (0.036) and (0.128) respectively, while the exact value of gradient energy coefficient has been proved in the high molecular weight polymers as in (PEG 18500). The gradient energy coefficient and the reduced surface tension are directly proportional to molecular weight, while the gradient energy coefficient is inversely proportional to both hole fraction and temperature. The study has been accurately proved by the obtained results and data given in the graphs.

Isolation and Diagnosis of Bacterial Infections Among Children in the West Bank of Mosul City


DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2019.125919.1005

Bacterial infections are common in neonates, infants and children.. Some of these infections are serious and usually carry high risk of fatal complications such as septicemia / meningitis if left un-treated. Diagnosis of such infections is usually clinical together with the identification of bacteria in body fluids such as urine, stool, blood and CSF. The aim of the current study is to isolate and identify bacteria responsible for some types of serious bacterial infection in neonates such as UTI, GIT infections and bacteremia in West bank of Mosul city sand test their susceptibility to different antibiotics. Our results indicated that Staphylococcus aureus was the most common bacterial isolate in blood (81%), whereas both Staphylococcus aureus and E. coli were common in urine (48% and 43% respectively). These microorganisms are highly sensitive to amoxiclav (83% for Staph , and 100% for E.coli) , levofloxavin ( 88% for Staph. and 100 % for E.coli) and meropenem (100% for both Staph and E.coli). However, both of them highly resistant to ampicillins (100% resistant rate) and 3rd generation cephalosporins. Although meropenem is effective, its use should be selected and restricted to highly resistant cases to avoid the emergence of early antibiotic resistance.

Effect of Deposition Temperature on the Physical Performance of n-ZnO/p-Si Heterojunction

Yasir Hussein Mohammed

DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2019.126043.1017

Comparative study of the physical characteristics of n-ZnO/p-Si heterojunction diode has been done as a function of deposition temperature in the range of 300-600 °C. Transparent conducting (TC) Zinc Oxide (ZnO) thin films were deposited by atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition (APCVD) technique on the p-Si(100) and glass substrates. Also, the influences of different deposition temperature on the morphology and optical properties of ZnO films were studied. Both the average surface roughness (from 62.8 to 18.8 nm) and the root mean square (from 78.2 to 24 nm) of ZnO films were decreased with the increase in the deposition temperature. Optical transmittance measurement results exhibited good transparency within the visible wavelength range for the films prepared at a temperature above 400 C. The current-voltage (I-V) characteristics of the heterojunction diodes exhibited rectification behavior and depend on the deposition temperature. The electrical parameters of the n-ZnO/p-Si heterojunctions were also affected by the deposition temperature. The diodes prepared at a temperature above 400 C were possessed lower reverse saturation current and high rectification ratio compared to those fabricated at a relatively lower temperature such as 300 C or 400 °C. Such low a temperature grown n-ZnO/p-Si heterojunction diodes with lower reverse saturation current could be suitable for photo-detection applications.

A Friendly Environment Approach for determination of paracetamol

Hanaa Mahmood

DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2019.125964.1011

This paper involves a determination of paracetamol using less environment harmful reagent; the hydroxy analog of the pharmaceutical naproxen replaced a chemical reagent in which it is used as a coupling agent for the diazotized p-aminophenol (the hydrolysis product of paracetamol), the paper offers a determination of an analgesic paracetamol in the presence of high content of another analgesic.
Paracetamol azo-dye exhibits maximum absorption at 500 nm. Beer's law is obeyed over the concentration range from 10 to 650 µg/20ml, (i.e. 0.5-32.5 ppm) with a good sensitivity (molar absorptivity 1.2x104 l.mol-1.cm-1), good precision (RSD better than ±0.275%) and high accuracy (relative error less than + 0.77%), Sandell's sensitivity index is 0.0124µg.cm-2, the limit of detection (LOD) is 0.0030 µg/ml and the limit of quantitation (LOQ) is 0.0101 µg/ml. The method has been successfully applied for determination for paracetamol in dosage forms and its already applicable for the determination of paracetamol in presence of naproxen.

Isolation and Diagnosis of Candida albicans Yeast From Patients Infected With Oral Candidiasis in Mosul City and Study its Activity in Production of Phospholipase and Hemolycin

Rafea Qasim Altaee

DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2019.126122.1020

In this study, 63 oral swabs were collected . Thirty six yeast isolates were obtained (57.14%) grown on sabouraud dextrose agar medium (SDA). Symbols were given to isolates from RA1 to RA36 in order to differentiate them. The isolates were identified by growth on HiCrome Candida differential agar M1297A and identification by Vitek 2 Compact system.
The identification results showed 5 species of the isolated yeasts belonging to the genus Candida, 29 isolates belonging to the species C. albicans (80.55%) and one species from C. famata, C. glabrata, C. kefyr and C. lusitaniae (2.77% for each species). Moreover one isolate was obtained from each of the following yeasts: Saccharomyces serevisiae, Malassezia furfur and Rhodotorula glutinis (2.77% for each one).
This study included the evaluation of two virulence factors for all C. albicans isolates , phospholipase enzyme production on egg yolk agar and hemolytic activity on sugar-enriched sheep blood agar.
Phospholipase production test showed differences in phospholipase production among the isolates , twenty three isolates (79.31%) were producers and precipitation zone (Opaque zone) was observed around the grown colonies with different Pz values and the isolate RA13 exhibited highest activity (Pz value = 0.53).
The results showed also that all isolates were producers of hemolysin with different hemolytic indexes (Hi). Isolate RA7 represented the highest one in activity (Hi = 2.16). Hemolysis of all isolates involved beta hemolysis.

وجود الحلول الموجبة لمسائل القیم الحدودیة لمعادلة تفاضلیة لاخطیة من الرتب الکسریة

Noora Laith Omar Aga

DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2019.125873.1014

Recently boundary value problems for differential equations of non-integral order have studied in many papers ( see [1,2] ).
Zaho etal [ 1 ] studied the following boundary value problem of fractional differential equations.

Where denotes the Rimann-Liouville fractional derivative equation of order . By using the lower and upper solution method and fixed point theorem.
Liang and Zhang [3] studied the non-linear fractional differential boundary value problem

Where is a real number . is the Rimann-Liouville fractional differential operator of order . By means of fixed point theorems , they obtained results on the existence of positive solutions for boundary value problem of fractional differential equations.
In this paper , we deal with some existence of positive solution of the following non-linear fractional differential equation.

Where is a real number. denotes Rimann-Liouville fractional derivative of order .
Our work based on Banach contraction mapping and Krasnoel'skii fixed point theorems to investigate the existence of positive solution.
Finally , we suggest studing the existence solutions for the following Integrodifferential equation with boundary value conditions

Where H is a nonlinear integral operator given as

Using of Acetylacetone-formaldehyde Reagent in Spectrophotometric Determination of Aniline in Various Water Samples

Nabeel Othman; Safa Abdul aleem Al- Zakaria; Muna Subhe Abdulla; Nabeel Sabeeh Othman

DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2020.126192.1022

A simple and accurate spectrophotometric method for the estimation of aniline in various water samples was done. The method was based on the condensation reaction of acetyl acetone-formaldehyde(AC-FA) reagent with aniline. to produce a yellow colored product, with maximum absorption at 417 nm, which has good stability at room temperature and it is very soluble in water (the medium of reaction). Beer's law is applied in the concentration range of 2.5 to 50 µg. ml-1 of aniline with a molar absorptivity 3.864×103 l.mol-1.cm-1 and Sandell's sensitivity index 0.0241 µg.cm-2 , a relative error of – 0.51 to +4.15 % and a relative standard deviation of ±0.78 to ±1.28% depending on the concentration level. The study also included the effect of organic compounds on the recovery of aniline in water samples. Aniline is the simple type of primary aromatic amines as it enters into many industrial fields and is considered as an important material. Aniline regarded as major pollutant of water, thus, its estimation was studied in different samples of water such as river, tap and Zamzam well waters.

The Effect of Seasonal Variation on Some Physio-Chemical Properties of Water of Tigris River in Mosul City.

Eman sami Al-Sarraj

DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2020.126256.1027

This study was conducted for some physical and chemical properties by knowing the impact of pollutants of Mosul city, for three selected stations of water along the Tigris River during the seasons of 2018 and 2019.
The following field and laboratory tests were carried out: Temperature of water, Turbidity, Electrical conductivity, Dissolved oxygen (DO), Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD5) as well as µmeasuring the concentration of ions for chlorides, orthophosphate, nitrate, and sulfate.
The results showed there was a clear fluctuation in all physical and chemical variables with different seasons and geographical location. Water temperature ranged between 14.2-25.5 °C, Turbidity 2.8-23.1 NTU, EC 266-335 µc/cm, PH 7.6-8.5, DO 6.6-9.6 mg/l, BOD5 1.4-2.9 mg/l, TH 130-338 mg/l, CL 9.8-29.9 mg/l, SO4 120-177 mg/l, NO3 0.09-166 mg/l, PO4 0.011-0.036 mg/l. Although, the increasing of all values towards the south of the city, these obtained values were within the limits for local and international standards.

Physiological sway of aging on oxidative stress and levels of some minerals in diabetes type II of both female and male in Sulaimaniyah city

Maya Ibrahim Al-samman

DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2020.126325.1031

Diabetes is a metabolic disorders disease characterized by the abnormal high levels of blood sugar due to incomplete or relative deficiency of insulin secretion as well as disorders in carbohydrate, lipid and protein metabolism.
The study aims to evaluate the physiological effects of aging on oxidative stress and mineral levels in diabetes type II by measuring F.B.S,HbA1c%, levels of a number of important indicators of oxidative stress, level of ferritin ,copper and zinc in the serum. The study included the collecting of 70 blood samples from patients with NIDDM for both sexes in the center of Diabetes and Endocrinology in Sulaimaniyah city. The age of each group in this study ranged between 40-70 years. The study concluded that the rate of both FBS and T.GSH increased with age in diabetic females, the MDA increased with age in diabetic males, and ferritin increased with age in both sexes. Moreover copper decreased with age in diabetics for both sexes.

Time decay of pulse current in capillary glow discharge

mouyad Abdullah Ahmad

DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2020.126339.1032

A high voltage pulse generator was development and implemented. It generates a sequence spike pulses with a varying pulse height from 0 to 5 kV; and changes the pulse width in ms range. This generator tested and used to study the pulse glow discharge in argon by using the capillary tube under pressure 0.3 to 0.5 torr. This study was to establish the nature of discharge relaxation (plasma relaxation) when a high voltage pulse causes a breakdown in the gas (coverts to conducting case). It is of great importance to answer the following question. The current can decay when the voltage pulse is switched off was obtained. The electronic switching is a successful tool which can be used for generating high voltage pulses with flexibility adjustable peak height voltage pulse, pulse duration and pulse width is presented Interesting results concerning because plasma is a function of time, linearity of time decay vs. plasma. This linearity is to seem independent on gas pressure or pulse width. The slope the current decay line is very much dependent upon the initial high voltage pulse. The condition for transition from pulse to continue like DC glow discharge condition is satisfied.

Spectrophotometric Assay of Piperazine hexahydrate in Pharmaceutical Formulation with 3,5- Dinitrosalysilic Acid Reagent

Usra Ibrahim Al-Neaimy; USRA Ibrahim Al-Neaimy

DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2020.126231.1023

A simple spectrophotometric method for the determination of piperazine hexa- hydrate was developed. The method was based on the proton transfer reaction with 3,5- dinitrosalicylic acid (DNS) in basic solution to form yellow product showing a maximum absorbance at 410 nm with molar absorptivity of 8350 l/mol.cm . The method is obeyed Beer’s law over the concentration range 0.5-20 µg/ml. The average recovery % of the method is 99.12% and RSD % of the method is less than 2%.
The method was applied for the determination of piperazine hexahydrate in pharmaceutical formulation as elixir and the results were in good agreement with the standard addition method .- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Effect of Allelopathic Potential of Corn, Sunflower , Field Capacity and Ascorbic Acid In Growth of Two Wheat cultivars

mohamed saied fisal

DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2020.126418.1034

This study was carried out inside a wired house and included the planting two cultivars of wheat (Sham 6 – IPA 99) in soils containing residues of corn (Zea may) and sunflower (Helianthns annuus) with exposing plants to three levels of field capacity (35, 60, 85%) and spraying plants with three concentrations of ascorbic acid (0, 100, 200) ppm in order to know the effect of these factors on some physiological, biochemical and allelopathic potential of wheat. The experiment has been designed on the basis that it is factorial and over completely Randomized Design (C.R.D) Duncan's multiple range test at 5% level was used to compare between the means and the results showed.
The addition of corn residues and sunflower showed a great effect in lowering plant height, relative water content, chlorophyll, number of grains / spike and grains yield with the increasing the concentration of catalase.
Exposure of plants to drought (35% field capacity) showed a negative effect on all traits above comparing to field capacity (60, 85%) except for the increase in antioxidant enzymes (Peroxidase, Catalase).
Plants submitted under two types of stress (drought + allelopathy) can improve their growth and reduce the negative effect of drought and the inhibitory effect of residues by treating it with ascorbic acid especially in the concentration 200 ppm.
More over, sham 6 was significantly superior on IPA 99 in most physiological and biochemical characters, which was reflected in the increasing grains yield.
Keywords: allelopathy, Field capacity, Ascorbic acid, wheat.

Effect of Some Biochemical Parameters as Antioxidants in Placenta of infected Pregnant Weman with Toxoplasmosis

muna ismail Ibraheem; Layla Abdullah Mustafa; Ahmed yahya Ismeel

DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2020.126095.1037

. Reregulation of biochemical profile of host as a result of host cells-pathogen interaction may involve in pathogenesis of toxoplasmosis disease. The biochemical parameters in the placenta of Toxoplasma-infected pregnant women and non-infected pregnant women (control group) were investigated The criteria taken into consideration are: Superoxide dismutase (SOD) , Peroxidase (Px) , Glutathione- S- transferase (GST) , Lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) , Aryl esterase (AE) , Acetylcholine esterase (AchE) , Vitamin A,C and E As well as placental electrolytes including: Sodium (Na+) , Potassium (K+) , Chloride (Cl-) , Calcium (Ca++) , Selenium (Se) , Cupper (Cu) , Zinc (Zn) , Iron (Fe) , Magnesium (Mg) and Manganese (Mn). The results showed: a non-significant increase in the activity of SOD, GST, LDH and AchE during 6-9 months, and activity of AE during 1-3 months, were determined whereas the activity of Px was decreased in all periods of pregnancyA non- significant increase in the level of vitamin E and non-significant decrease in levels of vitamin A and C during pregnancy periods in placentae of infected pregnant Were observed. . A significant increase (p≤0.01) in levels of Na+ and K+ during 1-3 months and Ca++ during 3-6 months, whereas the level of Cl- decreased during pregnancy periods. A significant increase (p≤0.01) in levels of Seand Mg during 6-9 months and a non- significant increase in level of Cu during 1-3 months and 6-9 months, whereas the level of Zn, Fe and Mn significantly decreased in all periods of Pregnancy in placenta infected women.

Assessment of Fungal Growth at Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis Unit in Hawler Teaching Hospital

Vian Badraddin Al-Barzinji

DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2020.126676.1049

Dialysis is used when the patient's kidneys can no longer perform their functions normally; it is a treatment that performs the functions of natural kidneys. Most patients begin dialysis when their kidneys have lost 85-90% of their ability to work naturally and they have to depend on dialysis for the rest of their lives, is called end –stage renal disease (ESRD). Infection in patients with end stage renal disease (ESRD) is usually treated with hemodialysis (HD) or peritoneal dialysis (PD). End stage renal disease a major cause of morbidity and mortality, in order to assess the fungal growth at hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis unit a descriptive study was conducted at hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis units in Hawler teaching hospital, from 15th of January to the end of May 2017;the study also includes the access sites and peritoneal catheter site. Factors that affected the access site among dialysis patient in the hospital. Sample of 63 patients, who were attending to the dialysis unit at time of the data collection, had been taken; in addition to that swab samples had been gathered from access site and peritoneal catheter site. The results of the study revealed that the fungal growth was positive at dialysis access sites, where the total percentage was 84.1% and that of peritoneal catheter site was 15.85%. In these unites, different types of filamentous fungi and yeasts had been successfully isolated.

Spectrophotometric Determination of Aminophenol Isomers Via Oxidative Coupling Reaction with 4-Aminoantipyrine

Reem Abed Ahmed Al-Luhaiby

DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2020.126543.1041

A spectrophotometric method has been developed for the determination of aminophenol isomers (o-aminophenol, m-aminophenol and p-aminophenol). The method is based on oxidative coupling reaction of these compounds with 4-aminoantipyrine (4-AAP) in the presence of cupper sulphate as oxidizing agent in alkaine medium forming a reddish brown colour. The products show maximum absorption at 440 nm, 480 nm and 445 nm for o-aminophenol, m-aminophenol and p-aminophenol respectively. The molar absorptivities are 8.632×103 ,9.33×103 and 9.1449×103 l.mol-1.cm-1 for concentrations obeyed Beer’s law in the range 1-20, 1-24 and 1-7 μg.ml-1 for the above compounds respectively. The average recovery was ranged between 98.38% and 101.01% with relative standard deviation < 1.6 for all the studied compounds. The 4-AAP products were formed in the ratio of 1:2 aminophenol isomers : 4-AAP. The stability constant of the products was 7.4 ×108, 3.27×108 and 9.94×107 l2.mol-2 for o-aminophenol, m-aminophenol and p-aminophenol products respectively indicating the good stability of these products.

Detection of MTHFR (A1298C) Gene Polymorphism in Women Suffer from Different Types of Abortion in Mosul City

Owayes Muaffaq Alhassani; Zahra Jasim Ramadan

DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2020.126923.1064

Genetic basis of recurrent abortion is poorly understood, Single gene mutations, polygenic, and cytogenetic factors are all found to show association with recurrent abortion. The analysis of single nucleotide polymorphisms in the genes coding for enzymes with regulatory role in crucial metabolic pathways (e.g. methylene tetra hydrofolate reductase), clotting factors (Factor V leiden and prothrombin) and hormones and hormone receptors (progesterone receptor). this study included (85) pregnant women who suffer from problems during pregnancy and the age range between (25-35) years. The samples divided to four groups ,the first of this group include pregnant women who suffer from recurrent spontaneous abortion , the second group include pregnant women with missed abortion , the third group include pregnant women with recurrent spontaneous abortion and positive TORCH examination and the fourth group was considered a control group.
The result of the study showed a relationship between cases of pregnancy disorder and genetic mutations of MTHFR gene at the (A1298C) site, the result of the study for a group of women with RSA showed that the distribution of the mutant genotype CC was the highest 40% and the repetitive alleles for this group was 57.5% for mutant allele C and 42.5% for normal allele A.
While the group of missed abortion showed that that the distribution of the mutant genotype CC was the highest 40% and the repetitive alleles for this group was 52.5% for mutant allele C and 47.5% for normal allele A.

A study of essential components of three types of Bituminous Materials in Mishraq sulfur Mine

Mote&amp;#039;a Obaid Al jbouri; Hala Saad Jasim; thaer abed halo

DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2020.126679.1050

.The chemical constituentis of three types of bituminous materials found in different conditions in Mishraq sulfur Mine was studied. The FTIR spectroscopy showed reduce in the length of hydrocarbon‏ chains from the intensity of paraffinic bands in bitumenous materials of Frasch sulfur Mine (BM) compare with natural bituminous materials (NB) and Bituminous materials which extracted in-depth about 200 m without exposing to Frasch process condition (BB). The percentage of asphaltene in (MB) which increases dramatically is found 63.64% compared with (BB) and (NB) which 37.37% and 14.28% respectively and a similar decrease in percentage petrolene (maltene) . A percentage of n-hexane fraction by silica gel chromatography of petrolene (MB) is 18.49% compared with (BB and N.B) are 25.06 % and 47.05 % respectively while the cyclohexane fractions of petrolene MB are four-time of N.B and three-time of B.B .
From all results, we conclude that a reaction has occurred between sulfur and bitumenous materials especially hydrocarbon chains of Aromatics and naphthenic rings in sulfur well during Frasch process which leads to an increase in asphaltene percentage and decrease of petrolene.

A Study of the chemical nature of sulfur-containing rocks and Frasch sulfur in the Al-Mishraq Sulfur field

Mote&amp;#039;a Obaid Al jbouri; Hala Saad Jasim; thaer abed halo

DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2020.126714.1051

The economic evaluation of the exploration sulfur well depends mainly on the elemental sulfur content and its association other factors, so a sample of sulfur rocks extracted by a special excavator for one of the exploratory wells was studied and in the form of a bore hole rock. The elemental sulfur ratio reached 12.8% an important ratio in estimating the explored sulfur reserves and through XRD, the predominant crystalline composition is calcite mineral with hexagonal crystalline form and with a lesser percentage in orthorhombic crystal sulfur this supports one of the theories that explained the formation of sulfur.
Also, the mine Mishraq sulfur extracted by the underground melting method (known as the Frasch process) was studied chemically, and the elemental sulfur ratio reached 98.58% and the bituminous material 1.157%. Also, the SEM scanning electron microscope showed the presence of nanotubes of size (20-44 nm) belonging to the carb-sulfur compounds in the SEM, which are observed for the first time in this form.

Preparation and identification of some new thiazolidine -4-one compounds from Schiff base derivatives

Abdullah Dhyaa Al-khyaat; neam hazim saleem

DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2020.126881.1061

In this Study the two compounds ( 1 , 2 ) ( 5-styryl - 1,3,4- oxadiazol - 2-amine and 5-styryl - 1,3,4- thiadiazol - 2-amine ) were prepared by the reaction between ( cinammic acid ) and with of all semicarbazide , thiosemicarbazide in the middle of concentrated sulfuric acid , Then schiff bases ( 3 - 10 ) have been Prepared via by the condensation of compound ( 1 , 2 ) and the benzaldehyde dervatives ( 4-chlorobenzaldehyde , 2-chloro benzaldehyde , 4-nitro benzaldehyde , 2,4-dimethoxy benzaldehyde , 4-dimethylamino benzaldehyde ) . Finally , the new compounds ( thiazolidin-4-one ) ( 11 - 18 ) Five heterocyclic rings were prepared by the reaction of (thioglycholic acid) with Schiff bases . The synthesized compounds are identified by physical such as ( melting point , color change ) and spectral method such as ( IR , 1H - NMR ) .

Incidence and Antibiotic Sensitivity of Klebsiella pneumonia isolated from urinary tract infection patients in Zakho emergency hospital / Iraq

Reem F Polse; Sozan M Qarani; Mahde Saleh Assafi; Nisreen Sabaly; Fawaz Ali

DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2020.126827.1056

Uropathogenic Klebsiella pneumoniae is considered the most important causes of urinary tract infection, and recently the antibiotic resistance of this pathogen has increased dramatically. The study aims at investigating the prevalence and antibiotic sensitivity of uropathogenic K. pneumoniae among different ages of groups at both genders. 1737 urine specimens were collected from individuals admitted to Zakho emergency hospital from January 2016 until December 2018. K. pneumoniae was identified based on Gram stain, colony characteristics and biochemical tests, and then it was tested for their antibiotic sensitivity. Out of all samples, 1076 (61.9%) showed significant bacterial yield. The UTIs among females (64.3%) were statistically higher than males (46.5%) (P<0.001). The age group of 20-29 years was highly susceptible to UTIs (43%). Among the total UTIs, K. pneumoniae represented 16.2%. K. pneumoniae in males (23.4%)was significantly higher than females (15.4%) (P=0.03).The age group 40-49 years (32.2%) was the highest group that at risk for K. pneumoniae infection. K. pneumoniae was highly susceptible to imipenem (100%) and was highly resistant against cephalothin (90.8%). A high prevalence of UTIs were observed among the age group of 20-29 years and the females had more risk of having UTIs. The males were more susceptible to K. pneumoniae with higher prevalence in the age group of 40-49 years. K. pneumoniae showed high sensitivity toward imipenem and high resistance to cephalothin. More awareness is required in all healthcare sectors for regular surveillance of the use of antimicrobial agents to reduce the resistance rates and to eradicate the pathogens.

Integral Boundary Value Conditions for Fractional Differential Equations

Nadia Adnan

DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2020.126471.1038

In last many years ago there was a great interest in studying the existence of positive solutions for fractional differential equations. Many authors have considered the existence of positive solutions of non-linear differential equations of non-integer order with integral boundary value conditions using fixed point theorems.
G.wang etal(2012)in vest gated the following fractional differential equation
〖^c〗D^α W(t)+f(t,W(t))=0,0<t W(0)=W^" (0)=0 ,W (1)=λ∫_0^1▒〖W(s)ds 〗 were 2<α≤3
λ is a positive number (0 < λ < 2),〖^C〗D^αis the standard Caputo fractional derivative obtained his results by means of Guo-krosnosel'skii theorem in a cone also A.Cabada etat (2013) established the following non-linear fractional differential equation with integral boundary value conditions
D^α W(t)+f(t,W(t))=0 ,0<t W(0)=W^'' (0)=0 ,W(1)=λ∫_0^1▒〖W(s)ds ,were 2<α≤3 ,λ>0 ,λ≠α ,〗 D^αis Riemann –Liovuville standard fractional derivative and f is a continuous function the results was based on Guo-krasnosel'skii fixed point theorem in a cone .
This paper we investigate the existence results of a positive solution for integral boundary value conditions of the following system of equations:
〖^c〗D^β h(t)+k(t,h(t))=0 ,t∈(0,1)
h(0)=h^' (0)=h^''' (0)=0 ,h(1)=δ∫_0^1▒h(n)dn
where 3< β≤4 ,δ is a positive number , δ≠3 ,〖^C〗D^β denotes Caputo standard derivative and k is a continuous function.Our work based on Banach's and Schauder's theorem.

Modify the rheological properties of Daura asphalt by thermoplastic polyurethane using the microwave technique

Salam jajo Karash; Khalid Ahmed Owaid

DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2020.126651.1047

There is a growing need to produce asphalt materials with high economic feasibility, that is the production of asphalt materials with rheological properties that differ from the base asphalt (unmodified asphalt), can be used in many fields such as the production of paving asphalt, where it is not appropriate to use ordinary asphalt.
This study included the modification of the rheological properties of Daura asphalt by catalytic chemical treatment with thermoplastic polyurethane (Used in the interior parts of cars) using a microwave oven at a power of (360) watts and at different periods of time. As well as treate asphalt samples with the thermoplastic polyurethane in the presence of sulfur.
The modified asphalt samples were studied in terms of ductility, penetration, softening point and penetration Index.

A sample with good rheological specification was selected (As7) that are conform with the specifications of Iraqi Roads and Bridges Authority, The selected sample were studied in terms of conducting Marshall tests and comparing them with the original sample in order to demonstrate the possibility of using the modified sample as an paving asphalt. The obtained results showed good specifications in terms of crawl and stability values.
An aging test was also conducted on the sample (As7) of the good rheological specifications.

The rheological modification of the Daura asphalt in polycarbonate using the microwave technique

Salam jajo Karash; Khalid AL-Memary

DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2020.126779.1054

This study has included a modulation of the rheological properties of asphalt by a catalyst chemical treatment with polycarbonate, and the microwave technique was used at a power of (360) watt at time intervals. Furthermore, the modulation and treatment were done in the presence of sulfur and polycarbonate. The formed rheological properties of the new asphalt samples were studied which include (permeability, softening point, ductility and penetration index). Those asphalt samples of the new rheological properties could be used in paving field and some other samples could be used as anti-moisture materials.
The best asphalt samples with new rheological properties and those conformable with the properties of roads authority and Iraqi bridges were tested as a tiled asphalt since they were studied in terms of conducting Marshall tests and comparing them with the original sample in order to show the possibility of using the modified samples in the tiling and the obtained results were excellent in terms of stable creeping values. In addition the aging test was applied on the samples that contain good rheological properties.
Moreover, the modified asphalt has shown higher dissociation values in comparison with the original asphalt, so the modified asphalt has more resistant to high temperature and acid rains and shows an important characteristic of the quality of the asphalt that enables the modified asphalt to stick more closely to the aggregate, which gives higher resistance and greater operating age life to the streets.

The rheological properties of asphalt modified by commercial adhesive (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) and air blowing process

saad salih alzbaidy; Ammar A. Hamdoon

DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2020.126673.1048

In this study, we modify the rheolgical prioperties of asphaltic materials by addative and air blowing. For this process, asphaltic materials have been oxidized by air blowing in the presence of anhydrous aluminum chloride as a catalyst for this process . Air blowing was conducted in different condtions of temperature and times using 0.5%(by weight) from catalyst, after determining the optimal conditions for air blowing, we changged the percentage of catalyst to get the optimal perecentage which can be using in modified process, then the asphalt was treated with the commercial adhesive (EVA) in two phaths:
The first path was included addtion of different percentages from commercial adhesive under the optimal condition from air blowing and perecentage of alaminum chloride.
The second path was included dissolved the commercial adhesive in the toluene and then the modified process was conducted at same conditions in the first path, ( toluene was added to the commercial adhesive by ratio (1:6) (weight of commercial adhesive: ml of toluene).
The results showe rheological properties that are compeletly differentj from the original asphaltic materials . The study was gave modified asphaltic materials that can be using in different fields, some samples can be using in paving as in samples
(AS19, AS24, AS25) and other as mastic or as flattening as in samples (AS15, AS16, AS17, AS21, AS22). The usage of asphalitic materials in various fields depends on the measurments of different properties such as (ductility, penetration, softining point ,asphaltens percentage, penetration index ,aging test, marshall test).

The use of lignin in the rheological modification of Dura asphalt

saad salih alzbaidy; Ammar Al-Khazraji

DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2020.126782.1055

This study was included treatment of the Dura asphalt with lignin as a natural polymeric additive and air blowing with three paths.
The first path: the rheological properties of the asphalt were modified by adding the lignin to the asphalt and in various proportions in the presence of anhydrous aluminum chloride as a catalyst for this process at the optimum conditions for the catalytic oxidation process that was identified which is 150 centigrade and a time of 60 min.
The second path : the rheological properties of the asphalt were modified using the use of lignin as an additive and with the presence of 1% sulfur(by weight)at a time of 60 minutes and a temperature of 180 ° C which is the optimal conditions for the non-catalytic air blowing process that was identified.
As for the third track, the lignin was treated with asphalt without the use of anhydrous aluminum chloride under optimal conditions for the non-catalytic process.
The study showed asphalt with completely different rheological properties compared to the original asphalt, which represents the primary goal behind the continuous quest for altering the rheological specifications of the original asphalt in a way that is compatible with the nature of use in different and specific fields, some samples can be using in paving as in samples(,AS19,AS20 ,AS50).As well as a moisture inhibitor and flattening as in samples(AS22,AS40,AS41 ,AS51, AS52).The use of asphalt in various fields is determined depending on the measurements made, ductility ,softening point,penetration,asphaltenes percentage,penetration index,aging test,marshall test .

Synthesis and Identification of Some Complexes of 4-[N-(2,4-Dihydroxybenzylidene ) imino] Antipyrinyl with Serine (L1) or with Theronine (L2) Ligands and Evaluation of Their Bacteria Activities

abdallah fathi fathi; amira alshaheen

DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2020.126837.1058

This work involves,the preparation, new ligands 4-[N- (2,4-Dihydroxybenzylidene) imino] antipyrinyl Serine (L1) or with Theronine (L2),. from these ligands ,ten Complexes have been synthesized with metal ions Co(II) ,Ni(II) Cu(II) Zn (II) and Cd(II) in molar ratio (1:1) Metal: Ligand and these complexes have been characterized on the basis of physiochemical,investigations(1HNMR),(IR) electronicspectroscopy(U.V-Vis), molar,conductance, magnetic moment measurement, Thermal analysis (TGA), ,elemental analysis, Powder X-ray diffraction and spectral studies. Infrared data suggest that the ligands( L1) and( L2) behave as tetradentate ligands and coordinated through (N, N, O, O) as adonor,atoms sequence towards the metal ions, and they give an square planer and tetrahedral complexes, finally some of these,prepared complexes have been screened for their antibacterial activities against two classes of human pathogenic; bacteria Gram positive eg: Staphylococcus.aureus, and Gram negativebacteria including,Pseudomonas,aeruginosa, Klebsiella pneumoni and.Escherichiacoli, The performance results explain that the metal complexes have greater action more essential than the free ligand

Indirect Spectrophotometric Determination of Paracetamol Via Decolorization of Eriochrom Black-T With N-Bromosuccinimide

Theia&amp;#039;a Al-Sabha; Zahraa Jameel Al-Gubouri

DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2020.126846.1060

A simple, precise and sensitive indirect spectrophotometric method is described for the assay of Paracetamol in its pure form and pharmaceutical formulations in the aqueous medium. The method is based on the oxidation of the Paracetamol with an excess of N-Bromosuccinimide (NBS) in alkaline medium and the residual oxidizing agent bleaches the purple-colored Eriochrom black-T (EBT) to colorless species which is measured at 516 nm at room temperature. Calibration graph is linear over 0.5-9 µg mL-1 and molar absorptivity is 3.7×104 L.mol-1.cm-1. The detection and quantification limits were 0.068 and 0.229 µgmL-1 respectively. The accuracy (Average recovery %) is 98.57, and Precision (RSD) is ≤ 1.5. No interference effect has been observed from the excipients that exist in drug formulations. The method has been applied successfully in the determination of the Paracetamol in its commercial formulations (injection, syrup, and tablet), and compared favorably with other spectrophotometric methods used different reagents. The reaction mechanism for the oxidation of Paracetamol and EBT was postulated.

UTM coordinates correction between WGS84 and Clarke 1880 ellipsiod in Mosul by using GPS

Sabah H.Ali

JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, 2005, Volume 17, Issue 4, Pages 142-153
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2005.83061

Most GPS receivers calculate their locations by a geodetic coordinate referenced to the WGS84 ellipsoid, whereas the local reference applied in IRAQ (referred as ClarkelSSO ellipsoid) have different geodetic coordinates.
This paper presents the results of particulars conversion between geographical and UTM grid coordinates system from WGS84 reference ellipsoid system to ClarkelSSO reference ellipsoid system for a selective locations in Mosul (Zone 38N). Conversion formulae and parameters are also given to facilitate users to convert the coordinates of any point in the study area between the two systems by using GPS.receiver and ArcGIS software.
The result shows that the geographical and UTM grid systems of the two systems are slightly different, but additive constants are sufficient to attain the general accuracy.

Genetic Algorithm to Solve Sliding Tile 8-Puzzle Problem

Ruqaya Zedan Shaban; Isra Natheer Alkallak; Mowada Mohamad Sulaiman

JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, 2010, Volume 23, Issue 3, Pages 145-157
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2010.58405

The research tackled the classical problem in artificial intelligence as 8-puzzle problem with genetic algorithm. The research present the fundamental of genetic algorithm with sliding tile 8-puzzle problem. Starting from current state for state space search into a goal state by depending on the tile’s move (tiles out of place) in the current and compare with the solution of the problem (goal), without blank’s move. population size chose by the summation of probabilities misplaced tile’s move (tiles out of place) in current state comparing with goal state. In this research, depended on the Crossover and mutation for ordered chromosomes method. The experimental in this research show that the algorithm is efficient. The source code is written in Matlab language.

Spectrophotometric Determination of Sulfacetamide and Sulfamethaxazole in Aqueous Solution Using Tetracyanoethylene Reagent

Omar A. Al-Taee

JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, 2012, Volume 25, Issue 4, Pages 47-59
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2012.66952

A simple and sensitive spectrophotometric method has been developed for determination of sulfacetamide and sulfamethaxazole. The method is based on the reaction of these drugs in aqueous solution with tetracyanoethylene reagent in the presence of sodium bicarbonate to produce yellow colored species measured at 355 and 356 nm for sulfacetamide and sulfamethaxazole respectively. Beer's law obeyed over the concentration range1-30 and 1-25 µg ml-1 with molar absorpitivity of 10575 and 13146 L.mol-1.cm-1 and sandell index of 0.0240 and 0.0192 μg.cm-2 for the above drugs respectively. It was found that these products were formed in ratio of 1:1. The method was applied successfully to the assay of sulfacetamide and sulfamethaxazole in their pharmaceutical formulations and was agreed well with the certified values and with standard addition procedure.

Effect of Lipopolysaccharide extracted from Klebsiella pneumoniae bacteria in the immune response of mice infected experimentally with toxoplasmosis

Ibraheem Faris Ali; Hanan Sideeq Sadoon

JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, 2011, Volume 24, Issue 1, Pages 27-42
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2011.51510

The present study was investigated the immunological effects of the lipopolysaccharide extracted from Klebsiella pneumoniae against experimental infection with toxoplasmosis in mice.
Immunological changes in treated mice were compared with the +ve (mice infected with T.gondii but not treated with LPS) and -ve (mice not infected with T.gondii and not treated with LPS) group at 3,14 and 30 days post infection with tissue cysts of T.gondii in the peritoneal cavity. Total and differential WBC count of peripheral blood and innate immune response represented by the phagocytic index were the criteria taken into consideration.
Results showed a significant increase in the total WBC count in mice treated with LPS after infection with T.gondii, compared with –ve and +ve control groups. For differential WBC count, an increase in lymphocytes and decrease in monocytes, neutrophils and eosinophils was noticed. Basophils were not considered because of their low number.For phagocytic index, an increase was noticed in treated mice compared with –ve and +ve control groups, and the highest rate was observed in cncentration 500 µg / 20 gm body weight at 30 days post infection.
It is concluded that, LPS extracted from K.pneumoniae may well be used as a active and non toxic immunomodulator against infection with toxoplasmosis in mice.

Effect of some physical and chemical factors on the growth of bacteria

Ahmed Talal Hekmat

JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, 2019, Volume 28, Issue 1, Pages 187-201
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2019.161050

The study was conducted in order to create the best conditions (physical and chemical factors) that necessary for the growth of the Bacillus subtilis and its production of the Xylanase enzyme.
The results include isolation and diagnosis of (40) isolates of bacteria: Bacillus subtilis obtained from (30) soil samples and study the effect of some physical factors (period and temperature of incubation, pH of the medium, ventilation) on bacterial growth and its production of an Xylanase enzyme. The results showed that best growth and its production of the enzyme was obtained when the incubation is (48) hours and the temperature (30) Co , pH of the medium (7) and incubation with shaking at (200) rpm where the optical density value of bacterial growth was reached (0.25) and activity of the enzyme product was (3.41) unit / ml. The effect of some chemical agents (carbon and nitrogen source for medium) on bacterial growth and its production of an Xylanase enzyme and the results revealed that the carbon source (Xylan) gave the best growth and production of the enzyme compared with other of carbon sources (Starch, Cellulose, Xylose, Glucose, Sucrose, Maltose, Lactose), where the optical density value of growth was (0.25) and the enzyme activity (3.41) unit / ml. Regarding the effect of the nitrogen source (organic and inorganic) in medium on growth and production of the enzyme, the results showed that the best bacterial growth and the production of an Xylanase enzyme occur when organic nitrogen sources (Peptone, Beef extract, Yeast extract, Casien) were supplemented in the medium compared with inorganic nitrogen sources (KNO3, (NH4) 2SO4, NH4NO3, NaNO3). Peptone and Yeast extract were the best nitrogen sources for stimulation of bacterial growth and the production of the enzyme with optical density value of growth reached (0.29 , 0.286) and the enzyme activity was (3.92 , 3.9) unit / ml.

Equilibrium and Thermodynamic Studys of Adsorption of Azo Dyes on The Local Bentonite Clay

Safwan .A.S.Aldbouni .A.S.Aldbouni; Emad. A.S.Alhyali A.S.Alhyali; Ammar .A.H.Alkazraji .A.H.Alkazraji

JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, 2019, Volume 28, Issue 2, Pages 50-70
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2019.161177

 This work is included the synthesizs of two azo dyes from the reaction of p-methoxy aniline and 2-amino benzo thiazol .via diazounium ions.A number of clays are tested as adsorbents for the removal of these dyes from their aqueous solution by adsorption . The most efficied one was selected to peforme  this study . The prepared dyes are characterized by some of their physical propertier such as(lmax)  , (emax) melting point.  Stretch bond of  (N=N)   group by(IR)spectrometry and colours.
 The optimal condition of the adsorption systems undre study such as effect of does ,initial concentration ,and temperature wear investigated .
Two isotherm models,Langmuir and Freundlich  were fitted to the experimental data of adsorption .the thermodynamic Function (  H, ∆G°,∆S°) are estimated. The results of the thermodynamic study showed that ,the forces controlling the adsorption process of the systems under considerate are physical in nature . The adsorption process are exothermic , occur spontaneously in the direction of connecting the dye to the clay surface ,and forming less random system.

Preparation and diagnosis of Schiff bases complex with component ions Co (II), Ni (II), Cu (II), Zn (II), Cd (II) derived from new amino acids

Thanaa J Yousif

JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, 2011, Volume 24, Issue 3, Pages 16-29
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.1999.58782

A new complexes of some transition metal ions (Co(II),Ni(II),Cu(II)) and non transition metal ions (Zn(II),Cd(II)) with a number of Schiff bases obtained from the condensation of some amino acids valine and serine with (Indol-3-carboxy aldehyde) have been prepared. All the prepared complexes have been characterized by elemental analysis(M), molar conductance, magnetic susceptibility infrared and electronic spectral. The complexes were classified as:
A- mononuclear complexes.
1- Complexes with the formulas [ML(CH3COO) (H2O)2].
2- Complexes with the formulas [ML(CH3COO)] H2O.
B- Di nuclear complexes.
Complexes with the formulas [M2(L)2(CH3COO)2] .2H2O.
M= Co(II),Ni(II),Cu(II),Zn(II)Cd(II).
L= Indol-3-carboxy aldehyde valine imine, Indol-3-carboxy aldehyde serine imine
The physical measurements showed that the prepared complexes may have a tetra coordinated (tetrahedral or square planer) and hexa-coordinated (octahedral) structure and that all the prepared complexes were non electrolyte.

Effect of environmental conditions and antifungal agents on growth and sporulation of Trichophyton Tonsurans isolated from vertical ringworm in human

Esam Suliman; Waed Jasim

JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, 2018, Volume 27, Issue 4, Pages 115-133
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2018.159301

Trichophyton tonsurans was isolated from epidermal scales and infected hairs of infected child with tinea capitis from AL- salam Education Hospital at Mosul city. The fungus was identified according to the morphological characteristics and microscopic features, as well as penetration of the hair by the fungal hyphae Results on the effects of environmental conditions on the growth and sporulation of the pathogen showed that the best medium for optimum growth of the fungus occurred on Potato Dextros Agar (PDA) medium with an average diameter of colonies 88 mm followed by 85.33mm and 82.66mm and 60.00mm for Sabouraud dextrose agar (SDA), Oatmeal agar (OMA) and Trichophyton agar no.4 (TNo.4) respectively. The least growth was observed on Rice agar +tween 80 ( R-t80 ) with 44.66 mm Minimum sporulation of the fungus was detected on SDA and reached 2.84x102 conidia/ml Optimum temperature for the growth of the fungus was 28C̊ with 84.88 mm colony diameter while 62.33 mm at 15C̊. No growth was observed at 35C̊ on (PDA). Average diameter of fungal colonies was 84.66 mm at the optimum pH 5.5, Growth and sporulation of the fungus increased proportionally with incubation period reached maximum after 12 days and gave 88.00 mm and 3.18x102 conidia/m respectively . While the least incubation period was noticed at the 4th day and colony reached 29.33 mm and 1.40x103 conidia/ml sporulation . Testing the efficacy of four antifungal drugs viz - Nystatin ( Nys ), Griseofulvin (GRF), Fluconazol (FLZ) and Itraconazol (ITZ) on the growth and sporulation of T.tonsurans proved that Griseofulvin was the most effective antifungal which cause complete inhibition (100%) at 40 mg/ml followed by Fluconazol and then Itraconazole, while the least effect was detected with Nystatin which gave colony diameter 25.00 mm and 66.33 conidia/ml.

Viability of earthworm breeding for one, two and three months in soil treated with different concentrations of polluted water

Safaa Mahmoud; Adnan mohammed

JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, 2018, Volume 27, Issue 2, Pages 61-74
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.2018.147581

This study is conducted to know the of effect of breeding earthworm for month , two month and three month in soil polluted with the concentration 25,50, 75, 100% of polluted water on its viability. The treatment reduce rate of specificgrowth ratio and it was 59.08 and 78.57% at the concentration 25 and75% respectively , also the treatment cause reducing in the weight of the treated earthworm and it was -0.079 and 0.0787 g at the concentration 25 and100%respectively. This study aimed to know the affect of this treatment on the worms death percentage , and also to knowing the percentage of protein body content... and showed that the polluted water affected thickness the body wall and epithelium of the digestive system and it´s caused the reduce thickness.

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