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Volume 21, Issue 31

Volume 21, Issue 31, Autumn 2008, Page 1-159

Synthesis of Some Atophan Derivatives

M. A. Al-Iraqi; K. H. Al-Naimi; A. H. Al- Sabawi

JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, Volume 21, Issue 4, Pages 1-10

The research was concerned with preparation and characterization of some esters (2-4) derived from atophan (2-phenyl cinchoninic acid). These esters were converted to the corresponding carboxamide by their reaction with ethylene diamine. This reaction may be follow either one of three path ways. The first gives the monocarboxamide (5), whereas the second gives the dicarboxamide (6), while the last one gives a heterocyclic product (7). All the synthesized compounds, have been characterized by physical and infrared and electronic spectral means

Preparation and Characterization of Cobalt (II)- Complexes of 4-Hydroxybenzaldehyde Semicarbazone and Amino Acid Esters Ligands

Mushal W. Ibrahim; Zuhoor F. Dawood

JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, Volume 21, Issue 4, Pages 11-22

Cobalt (II) complexes with mixed ligands including 4-hydroxy- benzaldehyde semicarbazone (HBSCH) and esters of amino acids - A {phenol glycine ester (GlyP), phenol alanine ester (AlaP), 2-aminophenol glycine ester (GlyA) and 2-aminophenol alanine ester (AlaA)} have been prepared and characterized by physical chemical techniques. General formulaes [Co(HBSCH)(A)2(NO3)]NO3, [Co(HBSCH)(A)2(NO3)2], [Co(HBSCH)2(A)(NO3)]NO3 and [Co(HBSCH)2(A)(NO3)2] have been proposed for the complexes prepared in neutral medium. Whereas, the formulaes [Co(HBSC)(A)2] and [Co(HBSC)2(A)] have been proposed for the complexes prepared in basic medium (where HBSC = deprotonated HBSCH ligand). The study suggested that all the complexes had octahedral geometries.

Response Of Latheticus oryzae (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) To Three Pyrethroid Insecticides

Lubna Y. Abbass

JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, Volume 21, Issue 4, Pages 23-28

Laboratory experiments were carried out to evaluate the response of 4th and 6th larval instars and 1week old adults Latheticus oryzae by exposure for 24, 48, and 72 hour to wheat treated with different concentrations of the three pyrethroids: ALPHACHEM® (5 EC), TRUST® (25 WP) and DECIS® (20 EC). Based on the Lc50 values of the three insecticides the result showed that 4th instar larvae were much susceptible to the insecticides than the 6th instar larvae and adults. The toxicities of insecticides increased (the values of Lc50 decreased ) as the exposure period increased from 24 to 72 hour. Also th study showed that, ALPHACEM and DECIS were more effective than TRUST.

Designing Educational Web pages for Post Operative Nursing Care

Omar Akram Alsafar; Sana Thanoon Ahmad; Isra Natheer Alkallak

JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, Volume 21, Issue 4, Pages 29-48


This research drives at connecting information technology to nursing. This is to be carried out by way of designing an educational site for medical and nursing care to be performed post operative care to patient on the internet.
The site's function is to expose various related windows (pages) relevant to nursing care in post operative. The information to be projected include data, texts, figures pics and animations which facilitate navigation for the visitor and provide information which may save a lot of effort and time devoted to book and reference searching.

Haematological Changes in Stored Blood

Nuaimy; Karama M. I. Al

JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, Volume 21, Issue 4, Pages 49-65

Blood transfusion is the process of referring blood. Or blood – based products from one person into the circulatory system of another blood transfusion may treat medical condition. The blood bank is the section of the lab that processes and distributes blood products under the supervision of a medical director certified in transfusion medicine.
This study was conducted to determine the effect of storage for varying periods on some haematological parameters.
The study include (120) blood sample admitted to Mosul Hospital (Central Blood Bank of Mosul for Blood Donation), (60) of them as normal donors and the other (60) received blood to treatment, in order to evaluate the effect of these changes on the recipients after transfusion to avoid transfusion complications as much as possible.
There is a highly significant decrease in hemoglobin concentration, packed cell volume (P.C.V. %), and also decrease in total white blood cell (W.B.C.) count and platelets.

Key words: Stored blood, blood bank, haematological parameters.

Efficient System of Laser Diode CW Pumped on Nd:YAG Laser

M. I. Azzawe; F. H. Mustafa

JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, Volume 21, Issue 4, Pages 57-66

In this paper, we report the recent progress made in the design and development of a miniature solid-state system, consisting from a bar laser diode and a slab of Nd:YAG crystal. Single longitudinal mode, stable CW power output at 1064 nm wavelength has been demonstrated. An ever power conversion efficiency was reached with an amount of 46.32%. Bar laser diode of wavelength 803 nm, and power output up to 24 W was used as a direct pumping device. Basic principles of operation and output characteristics will be demonstrated by this proposed technique. Taking the full advantages of the bar laser diode array, influencing the mechanisms of excitation, amplification, and saturation in the crystal; spectral emission, efficiency and beam quality can be tailored in the experiment.

Determination of Backbending in 122-130Ba Even-Even Isotopes

W. M. Najeeb; I. M. Ahmed

JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, Volume 21, Issue 4, Pages 67-75

The γ-unstable O(6) limit of the interacting boson model IBM-1 has been applied successfully to determine the backbending in weakly deformed 122-130 Ba even-even isotope. The application of this limit has showed successes in determining the backbending in the energy levels of the isotopes under consideration through the good coincidence with the experimental results.

The Influence Of Hole Radius On The Properties Of Photonic Crystal Fiber

Abdulghafoor Ibrahim Abdullah; Huda Masood Mohamad

JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, Volume 21, Issue 4, Pages 76-87

The influence of air hole radius on the numerical aperture, total dispersion, effective area, and nonlinear coefficient for the photonic crystal fibers are investigated. This study shows, when the pitch size and the number of rings holes are held constant, the increasing of air hole radius up to 0.8m gives better coupling efficiency due to the increasing in numerical aperture. The results show that the zero dispersion point is shifted toward the shorter wavelength due to the increasing of air hole radius.
The PCF structure of 0.8 m gives an effective area 10 µm2, nonlinear coefficient 16 km-1W-1 and zero dispersion at communication wavelength 1.0m. While the same structure gives negative dispersion 80 ps/(, effective area 8 m2 and nonlinear coefficient 19.8 km-1W-1 at communication wavelength 0.8 m of Ti-Za laser.

Doping effects on electrical and dynamical characteristics of GaAs / AlGaAs quantum cascade laser

Ragheed M. Ibrahim; Erada A. Al-Dabbagh

JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, Volume 21, Issue 4, Pages 88-96

A theoretical analysis of the doping density level influence on the output characteristics of GaAs/Al0.45Ga0.55As triple quantum well QCL emitting at (=9 m) is presented. The employed theoretical model was based on Schrodinger equation analysis. Six different doping density levels, have been used in this study to explain doping density level influence on model gain as a function of wavelength and negative differential resistance (NDR). In the conventionally employed high doping regime, the wavelength shift to the shorter wavelength furthermore to decrease of the peak gain value with doping density level increase has been observed. The available current range before the occurrence of the NDR reduced when the doping density level decrease was found.

Calculation of Energy Levels and The Reduced Transitions Probability For Even-Even Number of Isotones ( N=90)

Ahmad K. Mheemeed

JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, Volume 21, Issue 4, Pages 97-113

In this work the Interacting Boson Model IBM-1, Davydov-Filippov (D-F) models and the Critical Point Symmetry X(5) have been employed to study the energy levels and the reduced transition probability B(E2) for the )N = 90( transitional nuclei 146Ba,148Ce,158Er and 160Yb in the concepts of theoretical treatment. The best input parameters for the above approaches which lead to the best fit to experimental data are determined. The reduced transition probability B(E2) for the above nuclei have been calculated in a relative and absolute scales by using the most recent available experimental data.

Pressure Dependence of Frequencies and Frequencies Distribution Function for Aluminum: Theoretical approach

Adnan M. Al-sheikh; Seham J. Abdallah

JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, Volume 21, Issue 4, Pages 114-123

A theoretical study was made of the pressure dependence of lattice frequencies and distribution function for aluminum by analyzing phonon frequency spectrum, using Grüneisen approximation and many equations of state (EOS).
Each change in the specific volume of a crystal excites a change in the frequencies of lattice vibration in a very complex manner . This work shows how this complexity can be overcome at least approximately depe- nding on Grüneisen approximation and Murnaghan , Birch- Murnaghan and Vinet equations of state.



JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, Volume 21, Issue 4, Pages 131-148


In this paper, we have developed a new formula which is more suitable to the Barrier function and we have also investigated a new hybrid algorithm of SD and VM formulas with exact line search in the field of non-linear constrained optimization.

Successive approximation method (S.A.M.) for solving integral equation of the first kind with symmetric kernel

Talhat I. Hassan; Najmaddin A. Sulaiman

JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE, Volume 21, Issue 4, Pages 149-159

In this paper we used successive approximate method (S.A.M.) to solve Fredholm integral equation of the first kind (F.I.E.1st. K.) with symmetric kernel. And also suggested an algorithm for this method the computer programming is given for the algorithm. The method and algorithm are tested on several numerical examples. After comparing the results with exact solution see tables (1, 2), it occurred that the results are good. (in this work Matlab programming used).