Volume 24, Issue 3, Summer 2011, Page 1-197

Physico-Chemical Study of Some Cross Conjugated Systems, Part II

M. Y. Shandala; M. M. Al-Shamamry; H. A. A. Al-Wahab; R. G. Salih

Journal of Education and Science, 2011, Volume 24, Issue 3, Pages 1-13
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.1999.58802

A series of cross-conjugated enones [1-10] are condensed with menthone under (PTC) technique. The structures of the new products [11-20] were identified by spectral analysis. The probable reaction mechanism for each condensation is investigated by theoretical approach using both quantum mechanic (AM1) and molecular (MM2) computational methods. The unique behavior of these cross conjugated enones toward nucleophilic addition orientation, substituent effect on the electronic distribution, and the polarity of the molecules have been examined.

Evaluation of the properties and storage stability of EVA polymer modified asphalt

M M. Al-Layla; Adil K. Hussien; Eman I. Mjthab

Journal of Education and Science, 2011, Volume 24, Issue 3, Pages 14-20
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.1999.58799

Polymers are being increasingly used for modification of Asphalt to enhance highway pavement performance. This paper describes the polymer modification of two penetration grade Asphalt with ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA). Two base asphalt from two crude oil sources (Baiji paraffinic asphalt & Qaiyarah aromatic asphalt) were mixed with ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) at different polymer content. The physical properties including softening point, penetration at 25°C, and ductility of the basic asphalt and ethylene vinyl acetate modified asphalt were studied. It has been observed that the softening point has increased on the other hand, the penetration and ductility values has decreased according to the test results. The effect of storage time on uniformity at higher temperature was studied by storage stability test .

Spectrophotometric Determination of Tranexamic Acid by Azo-Dye Formation-Application to Pharmaceutical Preparations

Mohamed Y. Dhamra

Journal of Education and Science, 2011, Volume 24, Issue 3, Pages 21-33
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.1999.58803

A simple and sensitive spectrophotometric method was developed for the determination of tranexamic acid in bulk and pharmaceutical preparations.The method is based on the coupling of each of diazotised p-nitroaniline and diazotised sulphanilic acid with tranexamic acid to form a reddish-orange azo-dye which absorbs maximally at 520 nm with diazotised p-nitroaniline. Beer’s law was obeyed within (0.1-7.5) ppm with a molar absorptivity 4.2×104 l.mole-1.cm-1 and yellow azo-dye which absorbs maximally at 420 nm with diazotised sulphanilic acid.Beer’s law was obeyed within (0.5-10) ppm with a molar absorptivity 3.3×103 l.mole-1.cm-1. All variables were studied to optimise the reaction conditions. No interference was observed in the presence of common pharmaceutical excipients. The validity of method was tested by analyzing tranexamic acid in its pharmaceutical preparations and good recoveries were obtained.

Kinetics and Mechanism of Chlorination of N-Acetylglycin by Chloramine-T In Acidic Medium

Noor H. M. Saeed

Journal of Education and Science, 2011, Volume 24, Issue 3, Pages 41-50
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.1999.58805

The kinetics of chlorination of N-acetylglycin (AG) with sodium N-chloro -p- toluene sulphonamide (CAT) in presence of HCL has been studied at 318 oK. The reaction rate shows afirst –order dependence each on [CAT] and [H+] and zero order dependence on [AG]. The Variation of ionic strength of the medium or chloride ion had no significant effect on the reaction rate. Addition of P-TSA is marginally affected the reaction rate. The rate increase with decreasing dielectric constant of the medium. The stiochiometry of the reaction was found 1:1 and the oxidation producte were identified. The thermodynamic parameters were computed. The mechanism proposed and the derived rate law were in agreement with the observed kinetics.

Synthesis of Some 1,4-Bis (Substituted 1,3,4-Oxadiazoles and 1,2,4-Triazoles) Benzene From Terephthalic Acid

K. M. Daoud; E. Q. Mahmood; M. Y. Salih

Journal of Education and Science, 2011, Volume 24, Issue 3, Pages 51-60
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.1999.58800

In this paper the synthesis of some 1,4-bis-(substituted1,3,4-oxadiazoles and 1,2,4-trizoles) benzene from terephthalic acid is reported. Terephthalic acid was esterified with absolute ethanol in presence of concentrated sulfuric acid to give ethyl terephthalate (1) which was converted to acid hydrazide (2) with hydrazine hydrate in ethanol. The acid hydrazide (2) was treated with phenyl isothiocyanate to give substituted thiosemicarbazide(4), while it’s reaction with ammonium thiocyanate gave substituted thiosemicarbazide (3). Treatment of substituted thiosemicarbazide (3) with mercury oxide in methanol gave 1-(5-amino-1,3,4-oxadiazol-2-yl)-4-(2-amino-1,3,4-oxadiazol-5-yl)benzene (5). Compound (5) was treated with hydrazine hydrate in ethanol and with potassium hydroxide in methanol to give substituted 1,2,4-trizole (11) and (7) respectively. 1,2,4-trizolone (9) was synthesized from substituted 1,2,4- triazole (7) with hydrochloric acid. Substituted 1,2,4-triazole (10) was obtained from substituted thiosemicarbazide (4) via 1,3,4-oxadiazole (6) and substituted triazole (8) substituted 1,2,4 triazole (12). The structures of synthesised compounds were confirmed by IR, UV and physical means.

Spectrophotometric Determination of Dimethindene in Pharmecutical Preparations and Water Samples

Nief Rahman Ahmed

Journal of Education and Science, 2011, Volume 24, Issue 3, Pages 61-69
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.1999.58804

A simple, accurate, rapid and sensitive visible spectrophotometric method has been developed for the determination of dimethindene in pure and pharmaceutical preparations. The method is based on the reaction of dimethindene with potassium permanganate in alkaline solution to form a bluish green coloured chromogen with an absorption maximum at 610 nm. Beer’s Law was obyed in the range of 0.2-2.8 µg/ml with molar absorbitivity of 4×103 L.mol.-1.cm-1. The optimum conditions for all colour development are described and the propsed method has been successfully applied for the determination of dimethindene in pharmaceutical preparations and water samples. The common excipients and additives did not interfere in the proposed method.

Comparison of the Bioeffect of Different Locally Isolated Antifungal Bacteria

ِِAyad Al-Obaidy

Journal of Education and Science, 2011, Volume 24, Issue 3, Pages 70-76
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.1999.58806

Thirteen different soil samples near the rhizosphere were collected from different places in Mosul city/ Iraq. Sixty six different bacterial isolates were isolated from these samples. After testing the capability of each one of these isolates in antagonizing some pathogenic fungi we had 7 different bacterial isolates with an antifungal activities. They were designated as AF1-AF7. An identification of these bacteria was done, and they appeared to belong to different Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria such as Bacillus, Pseudomonas, and Paenibacillus. The antifungal activities of these bacteria were compared between each other on the pathogenic fungi Fusarium, Penicillium, Alternaria, and Aspergillus. The results showed that there is a high probability of isolating different potent antifungal bacteria from the non root-associated soils (and they could be used as potent biological control agent instead of harmful chemicals). The isolates AF3 and AF7 were the most active isolates against the test fungi because of their high inhibition zones and they were belonged to Gram Positive bacteria Paenibacillus and Bacillus respectively, and the inhibition was due to the production of antifungal metabolites or antibiotics.

The Scientific Signs of Using Salvadora persica as Antibiotic

R. Z. Shinashal

Journal of Education and Science, 2011, Volume 24, Issue 3, Pages 77-88
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.1999.58810

The present study showed the possibility of using a salvadora persica as antimicrobial agent in the treatment of experimentally infected rabbits in two groups, the first group includes rabbits infection occurred after induction of Salmonella enteritidis orally at a concentration of 107 cfu / ml, diarrhea appeared after 12 hr.
The second group of rabbits infected cutaneously after induction of Pseudomenas aeruginosa in burned area on the thigh at a concentration of 107 cfu / ml, the abscess after 48 hr.
The study showed that Salvadora persica has a good activity in the treatment of diarrhea after 18 hr of administration compared with the antibiotics (Rifampicin, Amoxycillin) which gives the same results with in 24 hr., in the same time, that Salvadora persica showed a good activity in the treatment of the infected burned skin 36 hr, compared with the antibiotics (cephalexin and pencillin, streptomycin) which gives the same results with in 72 hr. in the second group of infected rabbits.

Detection of Immunoglobulin G and M Antibodies to Helicobacter Pylori in Serum by an Enzyme Immunoassay Method

Pakshan Abdulla Hassan

Journal of Education and Science, 2011, Volume 24, Issue 3, Pages 89-97
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.1999.58807

The aim of this study was to detect Helicobacter pylori infection using an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) to determine whether serological tests can be used for diagnosis. Serum samples were collected from 88 patients (ages ranges between 20 to 75 years) attending for gastrointestinal endoscopy in Erbil hospitals for detection of anti-Helicobacter pylori specific IgG and IgM antibodies in these specimens. IgG and IgM were positive in 44(50%) and 74 (84.09%), respectively. Biopsy specimens were collected from 40 (45.45%) of these 88 patients. The presence or absence of current H. pylori infection was determined by culture, urease and gram stain, that were positive in 37.5%, 82.5% and 20%, respectively which compared with their IgG(85%) and IgM(95%) respectively. The sensitivity, specificity and accuracy of the assay for serum IgG to H. pylori were 94%, 70% and 90% respectively.

The Effect Of Estrogen On The Male Reproductive System Of Rats Receiving Cimetidine

Ali Saeed Hammodi; Sajeda Al-Chalabi; Rana A. Asem

Journal of Education and Science, 2011, Volume 24, Issue 3, Pages 98-107
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.1999.58794

To show if a small dose of estrogen can interfere with the effect of Cimetidine on male reproductive system. Five groups of five randomly selected adult male rats were utilized. Rats were given food (laboratory rat chow) and water ad libitum. Rats were treated orally with Cimetidine 50mg/kg and subcutaneous injection with estradiol 0.01µg for 60 days. The animals were grouped as: group1, treated from days 1-10. Group2, treated from days 20-30. Group3, treated from days 40-50. Group4, treated from days 50-60. Group 5 received no treatment as a control group. Blood samples were taken from the eyes (by using capillary tubes) to measure testosterone (T) and follicular stimulating hormone (FSH) levels. Measurement of weights of the reproductive organs including the testis, epididymis (head, body, and tail), seminal vesicle and prostate were done. Body weight for each animal was recorded before and after treatment. Also we counted the total sperm count and the percentage of dead and alive spermatozoa for the treated groups using Eosin–negrosin stain. The testis weight and prostate weight was significantly increased in both groups 3 and 4, while seminal vesicle weight was significantly reduced. FSH levels were significantly increased, while testosterone levels were unchanged. Total sperm count and a number of a live sperms were significantly reduced and the number of dead sperms was significantly increased among the treated groups. Cimetidine has hazards on male reproductive function while estrogen didn't play any role to abolish this action.

X- Ray generation via Thomson Scattering

Salim Al-Shamma; Muzahim I. Azawe; Lubna H. Ismail

Journal of Education and Science, 2011, Volume 24, Issue 3, Pages 108-118
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.1999.58811

In this paper, a theoretical simulations had been made via Thomson scattering to determine the number of photons of x-ray emitted per solid angle for a wide range of angles of observation of x-ray. This study had been carried out at fixed scattering angle equal (90°) and different relativistic electron velocities. Also, an independent study had been performed to determine the frequency shift for different scattering angles and using two laser photons wave lengths (1.064 and 0.8 ). Furthermore, another simulation had been carried out to determine the dependence of peak frequency shift on incident electron beam energies.

Laser Field Distribution in Photonic Crystal Fiber With Triple Zero Dispersion Wavelengths

Abdulghafoor Ibrahim Abdullah

Journal of Education and Science, 2011, Volume 24, Issue 3, Pages 119-132
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.1999.58793

The aim of this work is to study the properties of the photonic crystal fibers (PCFs) and the laser field distribution at the zero dispersion wavelengths (ZDWs).
Three PCFs are proposed, all the PCFs have one missing hole and one ring of holes around the core (6 holes). For PCF1, the hole diameter d=4.0µm and the pitch size Λ=2.0µm. In PCF2 a 8.1% reduction in both d and Λ. While 8.8% reduction in d & Λ for the PCF3 in order to keep the air filling fraction (AFF) (d/Λ =0.2) constant for structures which are operating in single mode regime.
The real and the imaginary parts of the effective refractive index, confinement loss, dispersion profile, dispersion slope, group velocity dispersion β2 and cubic dispersion β3 all are investigated.
The results show that the proposed structures gives dispersion profile with triple zero dispersion wavelength, and the reduction in d and Λ changes the positions of the triple ZDWs.
The results of the laser field distribution in the PCFs show that all the structures are working in the single mode, while for the PCF3, the field are slightly extended toward the clad region at longer wavelength.

The Derivation of Convergence Analysis for the Multistage Adomian Decomposition Method for solving the Autonomous Van der Pol system

Abbas Y. AL-Bayati; Ann J. Al-Sawoor; Merna A. Samarji

Journal of Education and Science, 2011, Volume 24, Issue 3, Pages 133-148
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.1999.58798

The autonomous Van der Pol system was solved accurately by MADM [4]. The method has the advantage of giving the form of the numerical solution within each time interval which is not possible in purely numerical techniques like RK45 and classical ADM. In this paper we will derive the convergence of A Multistage Adomian Decomposition Method (MADM) by deriving the Homotopy Analysis Method for this system. We will show that if the series


is convergent and it must be a solution of Van der Pol system, then the two sequences are converges to zero.

On The Intersection of Young's Diagrams Core

Ammar S. Mahmood

Journal of Education and Science, 2011, Volume 24, Issue 3, Pages 149-157
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.1999.58795

In this paper, we will introduce the method of intersection of -numbers for any partition of a non-negative integer . The results of this intersection are represented and specificated the exactly position according to a "guide value" and a "main diagram".
By using the same method we will create a new way for this intersection after finding the core of each "guide".

Design and Implementation of Block Cipher Using Neural Network

Siddeq Y. Ameen; Mazin Z. Othman; Safwan O. Hasson

Journal of Education and Science, 2011, Volume 24, Issue 3, Pages 158-177
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.1999.58809

The last decade witnessed a great evolution on the fields of computer science, artificial intelligence, communication and data transmission. This evolution draw the attention of specialists to design a modern cryptosystem for data encryption based on neural networks methodologies that are very hard, if not impossible, to be broken.
This paper employs cryptography scheme utilizes the neural networks in block cipher algorithms. Taking into consideration different plaintexts block size. The block frequency test has been show the successful of ciphertexts with difficulty to break the cipher process.
The application of the neural network in cryptography provides fast and high security system in block ciphering in comparison with traditional methods. The C++ language is used for designing the programs of neural network to encryption and decryption algorithms.

Clearing the detail coefficient of 2-D DWT Architecture based on Lifting scheme of 5/3 and 9/7 Filters

Dhafer Fakhery Hasan Al-layla

Journal of Education and Science, 2011, Volume 24, Issue 3, Pages 178-197
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.1999.58796

In This paper, An efficient architecture for the implementation of two dimensional discrete wavelet transform based on lifting scheme for two types of JPEG2000 filters (5/3 and 9/7 filter) are proposed. The pipelining method is applied in the proposed architecture to design multilevel (three-level) architecture for both direction (forward and inverse) transform. After that, the proposed architecture is used to study the effect of clearing the detail coefficients HH, HL and LH sub-band images into the quality of reconstruction image, the proposed one-level two dimensional discrete wavelet transform architecture (one-level 2-D DWT) is built by using the one dimensional discrete wavelet transform (1-D DWT) only,then by using the 1-D DWT as basic element, the architecture are developed to built the three-level two dimensional discrete wavelet transform module (three-level 2-D DWT). The Matlab was used to simulate the proposed architectures and measure the quality of image by using the signal to Noise Ratio (SNR).

A Comparative Study of Some Values of ionization constants of Oximes and Phenolic Acids Derived fromِ Aliphatic and Aromatic Carbonyl Compounds

Adil Saeed Azooz; Maathir A Al-Zubaidy

Journal of Education and Science, 2011, Volume 24, Issue 3, Pages 1-15
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.1999.58787

The project includes on the determination of ionization constants kn for thirteen acidic new imines as derived form aliphatic and aromatic ketones with different aldehydes, where n is the number of acid. These acids contain acid groups in a forms of oxime, phenol or their mixture. The study led to a comparison of ionization constants for the acidic similar compounds in a forms of oximes and phenols.
A simple, rapid and precise conductivity method is used for the determination of ionization constants for acids. Generally, the values of ionization constants for acids under study are found to depend mainly on the following factors:-
The structure of acid, the ambient temperature and the nature of inter or intra molecular hydrogen bonding in acids under study.

Preparation and diagnosis of Schiff bases complex with component ions Co (II), Ni (II), Cu (II), Zn (II), Cd (II) derived from new amino acids

Thanaa J Yousif

Journal of Education and Science, 2011, Volume 24, Issue 3, Pages 16-29
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.1999.58782

A new complexes of some transition metal ions (Co(II),Ni(II),Cu(II)) and non transition metal ions (Zn(II),Cd(II)) with a number of Schiff bases obtained from the condensation of some amino acids valine and serine with (Indol-3-carboxy aldehyde) have been prepared. All the prepared complexes have been characterized by elemental analysis(M), molar conductance, magnetic susceptibility infrared and electronic spectral. The complexes were classified as:
A- mononuclear complexes.
1- Complexes with the formulas [ML(CH3COO) (H2O)2].
2- Complexes with the formulas [ML(CH3COO)] H2O.
B- Di nuclear complexes.
Complexes with the formulas [M2(L)2(CH3COO)2] .2H2O.
M= Co(II),Ni(II),Cu(II),Zn(II)Cd(II).
L= Indol-3-carboxy aldehyde valine imine, Indol-3-carboxy aldehyde serine imine
The physical measurements showed that the prepared complexes may have a tetra coordinated (tetrahedral or square planer) and hexa-coordinated (octahedral) structure and that all the prepared complexes were non electrolyte.

Study of the effect of microwave-ray on some carboxylic acids containing hydroxyl group at α – carbon

Ahmed M. Sadoon

Journal of Education and Science, 2011, Volume 24, Issue 3, Pages 30-40
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.1999.58779

The effect of Microwave-ray was studied on the three mono carboxylic acids contains hydroxyl group (OH) at α – carbon in the solid state at different times. these carboxylic acids are Glycolic acid, Mandilic acid, Benzilic acid. We found that the effect of the microwave-ray on these carboxylic acids using power between (50% - 70%) of microwave oven in maximum power (900 W) in (3-2) minutes time leads to dehydration of the carboxylic acid, through suggested mechanism of free radical reaction, and its changing to ester and then to polyester. The results were identified by UV-Vis spectrophotometer and FTIR spectrophotometer measurements in addition to qualitative chemical test.

The effect of calcium and magnesium ions in stimulating the transition to bacterial L forms

Aws Ibrahim Suleiman

Journal of Education and Science, 2011, Volume 24, Issue 3, Pages 41-63
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.1999.58781

The ability of Ca++ and Mg++ ions to induce the following bacterial species: Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Escherichia coli and Streptomyces albidoflavus to transform to L- forms were studied. Hypertonic special culture medium was designed for this purpose in which Vancomycin was added to it in concentration of (6.25 mg/l and 12.5 mg/l).
The result indicated that the species Klebsiella pneumoniae was the most effective on especially at concentration of antibiotic Van. (12.5 mg/l) Also when we added MgSo4 alone at concentration of (0.5 gm/liter).
The species Escherichia coli was clearly affected when we added CaCl2 alone to the medium at concentration of (3gm / liter) with availability of antibiotic at the same concentration above.
The species Klebsiella pneumoniae at concentration of CaCl2 at (1.5 gm/liter) from the other was affected more than species under study. The same species Klebsiella pneumoniae was clearly affect when we added the both Ca++ and Mg++ ions in all concentration using but Escherichia coli was affected when we used MgSo4 (1 gm/liter) and CaCl2 (3 gm/liter) together from all other species.
The species Klebsiella pneumoniae gave clear growth when we added antibiotic Van. At (6.25 mg / l) and at low percentage of MgSo2 (0.5 gm/ liter) and the species Escherichia coli didn't show any effect at concentration of MgSo2 (2 gm/ liter).
The Klebsiella pneumoniae gave clear response at CaCl2 (12 gm/ liter) alone then the species Staphylococcus aureus but the species Escherichia coli didn't give any response.
Best growth of L-form appears for the species Klebsiella pneumoniae when we added MgSo4 and CaCl2 together especially at concentration (4gm/ liter) for the 1st and (12 gm/ liter) for the 2nd one.
So when we used the two salts at (0.5 and 4 gm/ liter) for MgSo4 and (1.5 and 12 gm/ liter) for CaCl2 we obtained the best culture medium for L- form and especially when we use MIC for antibiotic under study.

Studying the inhibitory activity of the plant and honey seder towards some pathogenic bacteria

Angham Jabbar Alwan; Bushra Deli Hamad; Mohsin Ayoub Issa

Journal of Education and Science, 2011, Volume 24, Issue 3, Pages 64-76
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.1999.58790

this study was Conducted to estimate the antibacterial activity of the Ziziphus leaves and honey compared with the activity of anumber of antibiotics and other types of honey, the aqueous extract and alcoholic extract were prepared.
The results showed that the aqueous extract of the Ziziphus leaves was more effective than the alcoholic extract of the plant on the bacteria studied.
It was found that increasing concentration of extract was accompanied by an increase in the effectiveness of inhibitory activity and the concentration 200 mg/cm3 had the best inhibitory effect on all bacteria studied Regarding the impact of Ziziphus honey was found to be effective inhibitory effect than in other species, and 100 mg/cm3 was the most effective.
When comparing the effectiveness of the Ziziphus extracts and honey with some antibiotics it was found that the concentration of 200 mg/cm3 of aqueous extract of Ziziphus leaves may have superior the effect on the bacteria studied compared to antibiotics Tetracycline, Rifampin, Doxycycline, Gentamicin. And was comparable in its effect of other antibiotics, Ziziphus honey Display superior to most antibiotics studied depending on the type of bacteria studied.

Effect of irrigation using wastewater on some physiological processes and the concentration of protein and carbohydrates in Portulaca oleracea

Husain S. M Ali

Journal of Education and Science, 2011, Volume 24, Issue 3, Pages 77-90
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.1999.58783

This study was conducted in the department of Biology, College of Education, Mosul University. Purslane (Portulaca oleracea) was taken from six different farms distributed in the left bank of Nineveh province. These sites are Al-Sherikan, Eden, Vally of Al-Shur, Al-Atebba’a, Gerif Al-meleh, and Al- Furqan The Plants in these sites were irrigated by different sources of water like artisan wells, domestic, or domestic and industrial wastes water. The results revealed that there was a significant decrease in the growth of Purslane in the farms of Edan and Vally of Al -Shur Which were irrigated by the domestic and industrial waste water. It was observed that there was a significant decrease in the length of Shoot group and dry weight of Shoot and root group and the concentration of chlorophyll a, the total chlorophyll, water content and cell membrane stability. Also, there was a significant increase in potassium and sodium filtrations in the leaf tissues. Moreover, there was a significant decrease in the concentration of carbohydrate and protein in Shoot group where as there existed significant domination of the growth of Purslane in the Al, Sherikan farms which were irrigated by the wall water in comparison with other areas.

Effect of lead chloride in a number of physiological variables in the blood of male white rats (Mus-Musculus)

Salwan W. Yuosif

Journal of Education and Science, 2011, Volume 24, Issue 3, Pages 91-97
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.1999.58786

The present study is conducted to investigate the effect of lead on some blood components of mice comprising red blood cells (RBC) count, packed cell volume (PCV), hemoglobin concentration (Hb) and blood indices: Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV), Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin (MCH) and Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration (MCHC).
The male animals were divided into three groups (5male/group), the first was given distilled water as control, lead was administered on mice of the 2nd and 3rd groups at (20 and 40 mg/kg respectively), all groups treated daily by gavage needle for a period of 4 weeks.
The result revealed significant decrease in (RBC) count, (PCV), (Hb) and blood indices: (MCV), (MCH) and (MCHC). The reduction of the above mentioned parameters was inversely proportional with advancement of treatment and it was more prominent in animals treated with (40 mg/kg) at 4 weeks.
This study demonstrated that lead administered orally at repeated doses produced Microcytic hypocromic anemia.

Effect of isolated flavonoids from teucrium polium in some of the biochemical variables of healthy and diabetes rats' blood serum

Farah Samer Salih

Journal of Education and Science, 2011, Volume 24, Issue 3, Pages 98-106
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.1999.58789

This study included preparing aflvonoids extract from teucrium polium plant in which isolating and identifying these compounds by thin layer chromatography (TLC) had been done. The aim of this study is to find the effect of this extract on serum glucose, total cholesterol, triglyceride (T.G), high density lipo protein-cholestrol (HDL-C), low density lipo protein-cholestrol (LDL-C), very low density lipo protein-cholestrol (VLDL-C), total protein and albumin levels in blood serum of normal and alloxan-induced diabetic-albino male rats. Extract was administrated intraperitioneally. The results indicated that there were significant decrease in glucose, total cholesterol and triglyceride levels in normal and diabetic animals which were treated for one week. The results showed that there were no significant changes in the level of high density lipo- protein in normal and diabetic animals which were treated for one week. On the other hand there were significant decrease in the level of low density lipo- protein and very low density lipo-protein in normal and diabetic animals which were treated for week, the result indicated that there were no significant change in the level of total protein and albumin in all treated animals.

Effect of temperature, Thickness and environmental conditions on the thermal properties of pure saturated polyether

Rana Zaid Al-Flayih

Journal of Education and Science, 2011, Volume 24, Issue 3, Pages 107-120
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.1999.58785

The aim of this work is to study the effect of surrounding temperature and environmental condition on thermal conductivity coefficient for pure unsaturated poly –Ester and doped with silica oxid and cellulose for different thickness. In general, the results showed that the thermal conductivity coefficient were in creasing for all samples as the surrounding temperature increases for different environmental conditions for different thickness.
It has been noticed that the values of thermal coefficient for unsaturated poly –Ester doped with silica oxid or cellulose are decreased in comparison with pure unsaturated poly–Ester at the same surrounding temperature. The values of thermal conductivity of pure unsaturated poly –Ester at surrounding temperature(20,30,40,50, and 60)˚C were (0.46, 0.49, 0.52, 0.58, 0.67) (w/m.˚C) respectively. The values of thermal coefficient for the two case were (0.39, 0.42, 0.45, 0.49, 0.57), (0.38, 0.40, 0.43, 0.47, 0.56) (w/m.˚C) respectively.
It is also noticed the values of thermal conductivity for pure or doped sample decreases as the environmental condition. i.e. when the samples immersed in water or in acidic or basic solution, at different immersion time, at 20 ˚C with 4mm thickness.moreover, it has been found that time for both acidic concentration and immersion time have a high effect on thermal conductivity coefficient.

Studying the interrelationship between clouds and solar radiation

Waled Sameer Alrjbo; Mustafa Ahmed Mohammed

Journal of Education and Science, 2011, Volume 24, Issue 3, Pages 121-132
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.1999.58784

There are a few studies concerning the interference between solar radiation and the different types of clouds in Iraq generally and in Mosul especially, and this gives an importance to perform this research. The most important results obtained from this research are:
• We observed the dominance of the following types of clouds in Mosul sky during the period (Aug-2007–July2008): Cumulus cloud (Cu( during Summer months, Altocumulus cloud (Ac) and Cumulus cloud (Cu) during Autum months, strato cumulus cloud (Sc) during winter months, Cirrus (Ci) and Cirros stratus (Cs) and Cumulus clouds during the spring months.
• The mean values of transmissivity for the following clouds (Ci,Cs,Cs+Cu,As,Sc,Sc+Cu,Sc+As) were (75,77,72,57,35,42,51)% respectively.
• Correlations between the solar radiation intensity transmitted through the different types of clouds and its intensity under clear sky were found, the correlation coefficient of these relations are ranged between(0.96-0.99).

Generate the three roots of Arabic vocabulary using a Computer program

Muna Z. Hamde

Journal of Education and Science, 2011, Volume 24, Issue 3, Pages 133-143
DOI: 10.33899/edusj.1999.58791

The research deals with using computer program in Arabic linguistic sciences through making it contribute in time economy in addition to its nature as a means of teaching and learning. A user of a computer can recognize the great difference and advantage that are gained through using computer, in comparison with books and references. A computer program is designed using Visual Basic language to display the information on a computer screen enabling it to have the same efficiency of books and references in collecting data and knowledge concerning basics of grammar which is one of Arabic linguistic sciences. A linguistic thesaurus is edited with a limited triple roots and grammatical formulae in addition to variability of its huge number which is a reason of its high grammatical productivity; the matter which gives a chance to minimize the capacity of storing it in data storage devices.