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Prof. Israa Mohammed khudhur Prof. Israa Mohammed khudhur
Education College of Pure Sciences - Department of computer science - University of Mosul.
Specialty: Computer Science
Email Address: israa.alhamdani[at]uomosul.edu.iq
Phone: +9647701743924

Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D. Professor. Israa Mohammed Khudhur Alhamdani,

College of Education for Pure Sciences, University of Mosul,

Mosul, IRAQ

Personal Information

  • · Name Israa Muhammed Khudher Alhamdani
  • · Dare of Birth 25/10/1965
  • · Place of Birth Mosul, Iraq
  • · Gender Female
  • · Nationality Iraqi
  • · Marital Status Married
  • · Cell phone No. 07716894482

Academic Information

  • · Scientific Title Professor
  • · Scientific Dept. Department of Computer Sciences

College of Education for Pure Sciences, University of Mosul

  • · General specialty Computer Science
  • · Specific specialty Digital Image Processing
  • · Email Israa.alhamdani@uomosul.edu.iq
  • · Research Gate phttps://www.researchgate.net/profile/Israa_Mkhrofile
  • · Google Scholar https://scholar.google.com/citations?hl=ar&user=_zxFjKYAAAAJ
  • · ORCID 0000-0003-2054-6505
  • · Scopus ID 57222589844


Degree Year Major University

  • · PhD 2006 Digital Image Processing Collage of Computer and

Mathematical Science, University

of Mosul, Iraq

  • · MSc 2001 Computer Science Collage of Computer and

Mathematical Science, University

of Mosul, Iraq

  • · Bachelor 1987 Computer Science Collage of Science, University of

Mosul, Iraq

Scientific titles

  • · Lecturer 2001
  • · Assistant Prof. 2006
  • · Professor 2021

Scientific and Administrative Experiences

  • · Head of


Science Dept.



Computer Science Dept., Collage of Education and

Pure Sciences

  • · Lecturer 2001-2022


2018 – 8/2/2022


2018 – 8/2/2022

Teaching and Supervision

For 1 Diploma Student, 2 M. Sc. And 1 Ph.D.


Editorial Member in Education and Science


Head and member of several discussion

committees for doctoral and master's students

Reviewer of scientific research for journals, theses

and theses for graduate students


Head in the following committees:

Exam Committee

scientific Committee

Membership of the Central Examination Committee in the College


Teaching Activities

  • · Collage of Education, Computer Science Department, Second Year , Data Structure
  • · Collage of Education, Computer Science Department, Third Year , Computer


  • · Teaching Computer subject , M. Sc., Biology Department, Collage of Education
  • · Teaching Computer subject , M. Sc., Department of Educational and Psychological

Sciences, Teaching Methods Branch, Collage of


Postgraduate Supervision

  • · Master 2
  • · PhD 1

Peer-reviewed Publications

1. Expert System To Predicate The Children Intelligent Quotation And Its Effect In Their Growth", Israa Mohammed Khudhir and Subhi Hamadi Hamdoon, Rafidain Journal of Science (RJS), August 2001.

 2. An Efficient Similarity Measure for Color Based Image Retrieval", Israa Mohamed Khidher and Kais Ismail, Journal of Education and Science, J.Edu. & Sci., 21(2), 2008.

 3. Biometric Identification by Fingerprint Image Based Minutiae Detection ", Israa Mohammed khudhir, Journal of Education and Science. J.Edu. & Sci., 22(2), 155-166, 2009.

 4. "An Algorithm for Biometrics Identification Based On Face Image Authentication ", Thamir Abdul Hafidh and Israa Mohammed Khider, Journal Of Education and Science, J. Edu.& Sci, 22(3), 2009.

 5. "Creating Image Mosaics Using Statistical Methods for Images lignment ", Israa Mohammad Khidher and Mohammed A. M. Al-taee, Journal of Education and Sci ence, J. Edu. & Sci, 24(1), 93-107, 2011.

6. "Biometrics Application Based Ear Recognition", Israa Mohammed Khidher and Yahya Ismail Ibrahim, Journal of Education and Science, J. Edu. & Sci, 26(3), 2013

7. “Detecting And Classifying Defects In Textile Fabrics With Gabor Filters And Neural Network”, Iman Subhi Mohammed and Israa Mohammed Alhamdani , Kirkuk University Journal /Scientific Studies (KUJSS), 12(3), 2017.

8. A Fuzzy System For Detection And Classification Of Textile Defects To Ensure The Quality Of Fabric Production”, Iman Subhi Mohammed and Israa Mohammed Alhamdani, International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE), 9(5), October 2019.

9. “A Hyprid Technique for Human Footprint Recognition”, Yahya Ismail Ibrahim and Israa Mohammed Alhamdani, International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE), 9(5), 2019, 4060-4068.

10. Swarm Intelligent Hyperdization Biometric”, Israa Mohammed Alhamdani and Yahya Ismail Ibrahim, Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (IJEEC), 18(1), 2020, 385~395.

11. Individual Biometrics Pattern Based Artificial Image Analysis Techniques”, Israa Mohammed Khudher and Yahya Ismail Ibrahim and Suhaib Abduljabbar Altamir, Numerical Algebra, Control And Optimization, 11(4), December 2021, 567-578.

12. “LSB Steganography Strengthen Footprint Biometric Template”, Israa Mohammed Khudher, Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies, 1(9)(109) (2021).


Scientific Conferences and Symposiums

  • · 7th International Conference on Contemporary Information

Technology and Mathematics (ICCITM)


Other Scientific activities

  • · Digital Learning 1-2 biuret, Alexandria
  • · Quality assurance qualification course


Letter of Thanks

  • · 28, 6 letters from the Head of University of Mosul,22 from the Dean